Go Hypermiling #5: HybridFest 2009 Coverage Finale

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    [​IMG] Everything HF.

    [fimg=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/Go_Hypermiling.jpg[/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Aug. 24, 2009

    Type: Video

    Link: HybridFest 2009 Coverage Finale.

    Hosts: Kacey Green, Manuel Santos, Mike Sefton, Mike Sirach, Tim Smith, Wayne Gerdes

    Moderating: None

    Technique: None

    Main Topics: Contest, Video Walkthrough summary of the event, Ford Focus BEV First Drive!, VW Commercial Parody

    Sponsors: CleanMPG, Hybrid Canada, & Midlands Hybrid

    In our fourth and final video podcast in our special coverage of HybridFest 2009 Kacey Green and Wayne Gerdes, lead us into the show.

    We first announce the prizes to our first contest (we still do not know the rules, keep an eye open here at the site (Go Hypermiling!) we will make a post when we start the competition.

    Next Manuel has prepared a nice video walkthrough summary of all the booths at HybridFest 2009.

    We somehow managed to get the keys to the Ford focus BEV and we take the car around the block to its transport, sort of an unboxing/first impression video, for a car!

    Then I rant about the road race known as the HybridFest MPG Challenge before Wayne talks me down a bit and we offer constructive criticism.

    Several CleanMPG members got together at the end of May for various reasons. We recorded this single take of a parody of the VW commercial where they make fun of the Prius and conveniently forget, that CleanMPG stomped their 48 Contiguous State Fuel Economy World Record after they started talking trash. We would have done a second take but we were out of daylight and had promised to take member, Brick, to Brixx Wood Fired Pizza.

    We hope you enjoyed our special video podcast series on HybridFest 2009, we now return you to your semi-regularly scheduled Go Hypermiling podcast, and remember, “You’ve just Gone Hypermiling, with CleanMPG, Ford, Hybrid Canada and Midlands Hybrid.”

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    You do not need a portable MP3 Player to use our netcasts, though we try to make it a good listen for your own daily grind/commute.

    We highly recommend that you not view our video Podcasts while driving!

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