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  1. alvaro84

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    Today we have our 5th 'anniversary' today with Teresa :D
    92281km in the log, some 300 more in the current tank, it's been ~18500km per year.
    2757.1l of fuel consumed over the finished tanks, which gives a 2.988l/100km | 78.71 mpgUS lifetime average.

    I've just installed the 3rd battery, used a water pump, rear wheel and swing arm bearing, one set clutch plates and throwout bearing and cable (at very different times), a fuel filter / pressure regulator, a front rim and 4 front brake discs (and still don't know why are they always bending in a month or so :eek:), 3 sets of front and 1 set of rear brake pads (shouldn't have any, I know :D), 2 drive belts, one rear belt sprocket, 3 front and 5 rear tires, two sets of mirrors and probably 2 sets of turn signal lights (broken).

    Quite a list. Actually, I spent a bit more on parts (including tires) and labor than on fuel. Purchase price lags a little behind any of them now (thus, less than 1/3 of TCO).

    Fuel is calculated on today's prices, though, it was quite a bit cheaper 5 years ago. I just didn't take notes about it back then. I know the edges of the price spectrum, though: it ranges from 250 huf/l (New Year's Eve, 2008, cheap pump but premium fuel!) to 445 huf/l (May of 2012, expensive pump, 95 RON gas: our 'regular'; and June of 2013, Czech Republic, somewhat more expensive than Hungary).

    Price of the first maintenance was a bit steep (that was the water pump, battery, rear wheel bearing, clutch plates, filter/regulator and a lot of labor for taking her apart down to the bare frame and putting everything together again), km cost went down a lot since then.

    Tires: This new Michelin Pilot Road 2 set is looking good so far: after 9k km I can't even do a remotely exact prediction about their longevity :D They'll probably beat the Metzeler Z6 set in this respect, especially the rear which came with a lot of tread (it was ~7mm deep in the beginning).
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    I just had a friend and coworker complete a trip over 10,000 miles in 3 weeks from Southern Illinois to Fairbanks, Alaska and back on a 650 BMW. I don't have all of his details yet, but it was an interesting trip. The bike had 20,000 on it when he left.
  3. alvaro84

    alvaro84 Homura-chan's selfishness

    10k miles in 3 weeks would be... tiring in my normal pace :eek: Like riding, eating, sleeping :eyebrow: Even though I just do the speed limit on main roads lately, and don't play many tricks apart from gliding down to locally limited speeds (like villages)... and I try not to use any kind of braking when it gets twistier, while I'm not too brave on unknown roads - it means lower speeds and/or brief pulses between those bends.

    At the end of the day, my average speed is far below the one I keep on the highway. 16 hours of riding every day may fit the bill.

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