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Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by Damionk, Aug 16, 2009.

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    I was on my way home from unlocking a friends doors (she had locked her keys in her car) when suddenly I see brake lights ahead. I hit my hazards and go into a glide figuring that it would only be a few hundred feet. Boy, was I wrong. Bumper to bumper for about 2 miles. Or at least it would have been had it not been for numerous people either on their own or taking cues from me. (I vote on the latter.:D) The first half mile or so was pure grid lock. After traffic started moving again I leave my usual huge buffer. I don't see anyone passing me on the left. There was a semi doing something similar. I thought to myself, "Cool, saving those people some gas too." Knowing that the lane I was in was closed in a little over a mile I took the opportunity to get in the left lane. Keeping my buffer there. I look back to the right lane and aside from the one guy on my bumper no one passed me again. I look to see a white pick-up about 200 feet back. Meaning that there was close to 1/4 mile buffer in front of him. I was also able to see behind him and the guy behind him left about another 200 feet. The pick-up then moves behind the semi I was in front of. The car behind the pick-up keeps the buffer.:eek: I look ahead when going around a curve and I see buffer after buffer ahead of me too. :) Aside from one guy from Ohio with low profile tires that passed on the shoulder everyone drove like a sane person.

    Which brings me to the second part of this topic. I am highjacking my own thread to get opinions on the new quote in my sig. I came up with it a few days ago. I don't remember what I was doing or where though.
    "Forget driving like a normal person, I would much rather drive like a sane person."​
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    I like it.:Banane53: - Dale
  3. JusBringIt

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    looks good! It's nice when things work out like that. I'd still be in disbelief if I were in your shoes.
  4. Kurz

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    Last week going home in Rush hour I was in the right lane all three I-95 south bound lanes had huge buffers.
    I was amazed that other people saw what I was doing and noticed I never stopped.

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