Moms Who Drink: No Joking After the Schuler Tragedy

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    [​IMG] Diane Schuler was driving the kids back from a weekend of camping, she had smoked pot and imbibed more than 10 drinks' worth of vodka

    [fimg=LEFT][/fimg]Ada Calhoun - TIME - Aug. 11, 2009 --Ed.

    ...Suddenly, post-Schuler, it's no longer funny when people crack a joke about "better parenting through alcohol." The image of a giddily drunk parent may have had some appeal when it started, once the war against Betty Crocker had been won and when irreverent mommy bloggers were confessing their sins as far as the mouse could reach. There was something liberating about the eyebrow-cocked, white-wine-swilling posture of the saucy parenting memoir. It felt fresh, a rebuke to the perfectionism displayed every day by the overly tidy mothers on morning television.

    ...But some backtracking from that freewheeling attitude appears to have started well before the Schuler tragedy. Wilder-Taylor, for one, posted this on her website, Baby on Bored, on July 21: "Today marks 60 days on my sober calendar ... Wine, for me, was a friend, a lifestyle and (I thought) a choice." Famously tipsy mommy blogger Rachael Brownell's new book, Mommy Doesn't Drink Here Anymore, which hit stores Aug. 1, chronicles her first year of parenting sober. (Disclosure: I am the editor in chief of, where Brownell was a blogger a couple of years ago, and my first book, Instinctive Parenting, will be published next year by the same house that did Wilder-Taylor's and Mancini's books.) ... [rm],8599,1915467,00.html[/rm]

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