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Discussion in 'General' started by rossbro, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. rossbro

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    Has anyone heard of using an insert into the heater hose line to heat gas before injection into the engine? A friend has bought one and will have it installed shortly. It looks like a tube for the hot water to flow through with a line wrapping tightly around it ( maybe 8 coils ), everything made of copper. The main tube looks to be about 5/8 or 3/4 inck diameter with nipples on both ends( for the heater hose ), wrapped with 1/4 or 3/8 tube for the gas.
    Would preheating gasoline do anything ? ??? Thanks for any thoughts.
  2. abcdpeterson

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    the EPA says No good.
    there is NOT an asterisks for fuel line heater.
    but then if your friend Things it will help he may drive different and how you drive will change your mileage.
  3. Ford Man

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    I will soon be able to give you any answer on this one. I had a fuel heater on my '88 Escort Pony and just took it off about a month ago. My fuel mileage did drop, but I just put it back on yesterday to see if the mileage increases again or not. I haven't made any other changes to driving routes, driving habits, aero mods, or engine. I'll try to to remember to report back after a few weeks. It does seem that gas would be more vaporous at warmer temperatures. I think maybe this is also partially why a warm air intake helps mileage. Of course these are just my opinions, and opinions are like a-holes everybody has one and they all stink.
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    I suppose that heated gas would atomize and burn more agressively. I suspect the greater gain would be in carborated vehicles with less or no beniefit in modern direct fuel injected vehicles. I do wonder if there is any safety concerns. Is there any possibility of one of these devices overheating the fuel and causing a fire?
  5. diamondlarry

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    If you used an engine coolant based version, there shouldn't be any overheating issues. You also need to find a way to keep the temperature to around 150F or so.
  6. Ford Man

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    I just made a small copper pipe device that I spiced into the fuel line, then used zip ties to fasten it to one of the heater hoses and wrapped it good with 1/4" foil covered foam insulation and taped it up with foil tape. With it being tied off to the heater hose the copper absorbs the heat and holds it. I don't know what the temperature of gas gets to, my water temperature usually runs about 205* and in town sometimes it will reach 230* so I would imagine the fuel is getting near 200* and maybe even warmer at times. I have thought about trying to rig up something using the heat from the exhaust, but I was a bit worried about getting the gas too hot and maybe causing a fire. The ignition temperature of gasoline for it to burn or explode without a spark or flame is about 495* F.
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