Drunk Driving eliminated in our lifetime?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Saddly, stories like this would feed political demand that the tech be implemented, if it were ready and already being debated. Its one thing for the drivers and adult passengers to decide that driving/riding is worth the risk, but its quite another when you consider the underage passengers who aren't allowed to decide for themselves and have guardians who are anything but that.
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    And the guy in a semi was sober and killed folks also. But not outrage. Worse single wreck death toll in the states history,,, 10 folks I think. So what to do with sober drivers?
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    psyshack, I just wonder where your sympathy for drunk drivers comes from? Are you really that much of an anarchist?

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    You tell me how we can solve the issue of 2/3's of the hwy deaths. It's not sympathy or anarchy. Fact is more folks die from sober folks than drunk or impaired drivers. I also know here in my state the number of deaths from drunks is very inflated. If a sober driver runs a stop light and they die because they hit a drunk. The poor drunk gets the number and the blame. At the time of the infraction who ever was in the wrong the most gets the number. Only the drunks killing folks gets the over all press. What about the sober idiots that kill? And do it at even more alarming rates. A wreck is a wreck does not cut it.

    Also if you look at the numbers. Drivers with a .08 BAC or higher kill fewer people than those with a .08 or under BAC. Oklahoma numbers. That would suggest those less impaired kill more. WTF is up with that ratio. Seems the more sober we are the more we kill. But thats OK, right.

    You tell me.
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    Why not deal with the lowest-hanging fruit?

    Wouldn't that be the drunks?

    And per my last post can anyone honestly say we are letting all the other non-drunk drivers a pass on road kill? That was just a small sample.

    Many say the US is becoming a nation of victims....the opposite is being a nation of people taking responsibility with things like driving.
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    It is interesting that China and the US are trading places both politically and economically, I guess it won't be too long before the red guard comes out.
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    Hi Jud:

    ___With 3X's the population; economic power transition to China is all but inevitable. Until China moves to full democracy, you would not want to live there however.

    ___Additionally, I can bet a drunk driver in China is treated far harsher than those in the US. Same with the Middle East and Europe...

    ___With the ability to prevent a drunk from taking the wheel, there is no loss in freedom, no additional burdens and in particular, no harm to anyone not related to the drunk taking the wheel vs. the tragedy that happens daily here in the US because of our lackadaisical attitude towards DUI.

    ___Good Luck

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    The numbers for Indiana seem to validate Jeff's position. Also, I tend to agrre with the practice of pinning the blame on someone for an accident that may well have actually been caused by the other driver. Please don't take the following example as condoning driving without insurance but, I had a friend back when I was just out of high school who got into an accident when some one turned left in front of him with dozens of witnesses. My friend was listed as causing the accident simply because he didn't have insurance even though she clearly turned left in front of him.
  11. Earthling

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    I would deal with the sober drivers by drastically toughening licensing requirements. Instead of anyone being handed a license to drive with minimal effort, under my system, you would have to earn the right to drive by taking a long course, similar to flight training of pilots, and passing tough written and on-road tests. My system would attempt some serious attitude adjusting, which would hopefully reduce drunk driving as well. And of course tough enforcement would have to be part of it. I object to police handing out tickets only for speeding. Make me a cop for a day, and I'd go through multiple books of tickets, handing them out for failure to signal turns and lane changes, failure to use headlights in the rain (state law in NY), talking on cell phone while driving (another law in NY), tailgating, etc., etc.

    I'd be tough on all drivers, sober or otherwise...

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    Possibly not. Sleepy drivers may kill more than drunk drivers per several studies, however they were all very quick to point out that the data is uncertain since no one is running tests to see how tired people are at the scene of a wreck.

    However, it might be possible to deal with multiple problem using different sensor technology. Experiments are already being done (I thought we saw some in the news here), where cameras watch the eyes of the driver. It can identify people who can't concentrate/focus, and that could be from too much booze or too little sleep or even somone who has problems related to age or disease. The last time I saw it, the tech was too bulky and probably very expensive, but if you look at some of whats coming out (think xbox natal) the price for such a system should be under a few hundred dollars within a year or two, and probably under a hundred within 5/7 years.

    In theory, it could even notice people who just aren't heads up enough while driving, so even rush hour readers and text messages might get a warning that the car is about to stop.

    Saying we shouldn't do something about 1/3 of the problem just because the other 2/3 can't be stopped. Well here is something they might stop them all, but now its getting freakishly big-brother.

    Really we are down to just a few choice....
    1. Leave it as is. (And people will probably continue to get worse)
    2. Attack this problem with education and licensing requirements (short term good, but probably will still continue to get worse.
    3. Attack this problem with law enforcement. A cop on every block sort of mentality which is also very big brother. And I can't imagine how many police would be bad cops if they had to maintain these sort of numbers on the force. Sometimes little brother is worse than big brother. It would also be expensive.
    4. Attack this problem with technology. And the arguement for/against have already been pretty well hashed out.
    5. Oh, and let not forget vigalantee justice. As things get worse, we can expect more people to start punishing those drivers they think are bad. It might be the slow guys forming moving road blocks to keep traffic slow or it might be fash guys virtually running people off the road because they are only going the speed limit.

    So what do we want?
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    Hi Jonathan:

    ___A lot easier than that. Single DUI conviction, no license for 5-years. Get caught on the road with no license due to the conviction, huge fines and up to 1-year + in the pokey. Europe uses these deterrents and it works really well.

    ___Until American's grow up and start acting like adults with NO ALCOHOL in their bloodstream when driving, they should be taken off the roads for my family’s safety.

    ___Although we have seen stats that upwards of 10% of those on the road are impaired in some form or another, those that are drunk are probably less than 3% on any given day yet cause upwards of 50% of the highway fatalities. We start with “the low hanging fruit” as Chuck calls it and knock out the first 50%. Speeding is probably number 2 at 30 + % overall but the drunk driver is in many cases is the speeding driver as well...

    ___How many people need to die before we figure out what the rest of the world has already?

    ___Good Luck

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    Just a quick thought on the numbers: most drivers on the road at any given time are not drunk, correct? I would assume that's the case by a very large margin, much more than 2/3. Still, drunk drivers cause 1/3 of accidents, which I would bet is much greater than the proportion of drunk drivers on the road.

    Also, and this is more a question, wouldn't drunk drivers tend to be on the road when there are fewer cars on the road, when there's less opportunity for drunk drivers to cause or be a part of accidents? I don't know the answer, but think it's important to look at the numbers this way.
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    A pastor stated the most likely time to be in an auto collision is between 11pm Sat and 5am Sunday...draw your own conclusions.
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    I'm not a big fan of getting up early for Sunday church, but I wouldn't go driving myself into a tree over it. ;)
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    You win the internet today.
  18. Earthling

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    The answer is a qualified yes.

    A local policeman very active in DWI operations pointed out to us in our driver improvement class that there are people driving in the morning who are still very, very drunk from the night before. Recently a pedestrian was killed near here who got hit in the morning by just such a driver, who had been falling down drunk the night before, and was still legally intoxicated the following morning. He was also a repeat offender, and his license to drive had been taken away from him from a prior drunk-driving conviction. He chose to drive anyway, drunk, and now has killed someone. This is the usual pattern in drunk driving fatalities...

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    Personally I'm fond of serious jail time for just a 2nd drunk driving offence, and some for a first....and thats without any fatalities.

    You really wish they would treat this like a 1st degree murder....or at least have the same penalties.

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