Drunk Driving eliminated in our lifetime?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by xcel, Jul 30, 2009.

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    Yeah, okay, busted. I was being snarky about you, psy. But for what it's worth, some of the people I admire most don't have college educations. My grandfather, for example, left school in the eighth grade; after surviving Normandy, he returned to the US to work his way up and become the Vice President of a paper goods company. And one of my brothers never went through college (he tried briefly), but he's probably the smartest person I know. (He's also a terrible speller, come to think of it, so now I feel a little guilty.)

    But if you believe that college is political indoctrination (I'm curious how you came to that conclusion, since you didn't attend college), or that William Ayers and Barack Obama have some sort of relationship beyond having met a handful of times, or, as you claimed earlier in this thread, that it's pretty easy to avoid getting hit by drunk drivers, then you're sadly mistaken.

    Okay, DF, shut us down.
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    If you are using Firefox, there is an add-on spell check.

    Back to the main topic - alcohol kills about half of the US traffic fatalities - 20,000 deaths and additional injuries is not exactly something to dismiss...at least six times the deaths on 9/11 or over four times the US deaths in Iraq. Furthermore, I don't dismiss distracted or aggressive driving, but some of you seem bent on argument.

    Since when have insisting on driver's responsibility become socialist????
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    Calling out a moderator is not exactly good form for you...get better mileage by behaving more civility and report concerns instead of throwing firebombs.

    The topic is on drunk driving, something Obama has not weighed into, so I'd appreciate it Jeff if you would avoid throwing that gratitutious firebomb into the thread.
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    Point taken. I apologize to you and all the forum members.
  5. Chuck

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    I look forward the thread cooling off - thank you.
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    I'm cooling off after 12 hours of moderate drinking, just powered back 3 slices of 16inch pizza and my wife will be here to pick me up in less than 30 minutes.

    I like my culture. :woot:
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    I'm curious as to what % this is of total traffic fatalities in this country? In 2006 in Indiana, alcohol related fatalities were 32%. That means that 68% or 2/3 of the deaths WEREN'T caused by alcohol. I strongly disagree with being punished for other people's stupidity and having technology forced on me and making me pay for it to boot. If this kind of crap is forced on us, do I have the right to demand that the government protect me from the other 68% of the people in Indiana who are just plain stupid/brain dead? Or would this be a case of "You can't fix stupid"? Every since the days of being in elementary school, I have been dead set against punishing the whole class for something I didn't do or participate in. I see this today the same way I saw it then; laziness on the part of those in charge to do what's necessary to fix the problem and leave the innocent ones alone.

    Sorry Chuck, I didn't see your request for a cool down. I will be happy to edit/delete as necessary.
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    Larry, you were not being personal so I'll let it go.

    There are several ways of dealing with this - it's not just between breathalyzer locks or doing nothing.
  9. worthywads

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    For those keeping score, I'm home safe, very likely never exceeded 0.08 but I anticipated potentially exceeding that level and my wife picked me up as planned this morning. :flag:

    Most adults can and are responsible, the tiny minority that grossly exceed 0.08 won't be deterred by a bypassable devices. Current breathalyzers are foiled every day. :rolleyes:
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    Hi All:

    ___In the GoHypermiling podcast #7 (this issue), Drunk Driving eliminated in our lifetime? took up a large portion of the topics discussed. Make sure you listen in once Kacey uploads it. Jeff, you in particular would not want to miss it ;)

    ___WW, Manuel has an interesting stat about those in Malaysia busted for DUI that might be a great deterrent here?

    ___Good Luck

  11. worthywads

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    Now if I could only get rid of these damned hiccups. :eek:
  12. Chuck

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    I would not suprized if Saudi Arabia dealt with distracted cell phone drivers by cutting off their hand....that might be a deterrent. ;)
  13. Chuck

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    The following list of DUI symptoms, from a publication issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (DOT HS-805-711),[11] is widely used in training officers to detect drunk drivers. After each symptom is a percentage figure which, according to NHTSA, indicates the statistical chances through research, that a driver is over the legal limit.
    Turning with wide radius 65
    Straddling center or lane marker 65
    Appearing to be drunk 60
    Almost striking object or vehicle 60
    Weaving 60
    Driving on other than designated roadway 55
    Swerving 55
    Slow speed (more than 10mph below limit) 50
    Stopping (without cause) in traffic lane 50
    Drifting 50
    Following too closely 45
    Tires on center or land marker 45
    Braking erratically 45
    Driving into opposing or crossing traffic 45
    Signaling inconsistent with driving actions 40
    Stopping inappropriately (other than in lane) 35
    Turning abruptly or illegally 35
    Accelerating or decelerating rapidly 30
    Headlights off 30

    Please crack down on tailgaters! ;)
  14. diamondlarry

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    I think Sean is very familiar with being mistakenly identified by this symptom.;):D
  15. worthywads

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    That is less that the typical sober driver. :eek:
  16. Taliesin

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    I too believe he nailed it. It's an enforcement measure for an already existing law which I fully support.

    However, for me .08 isn't drinking heavily.
    Due to a lack of body weight, 2 drinks in one hour will do it for me (puts me at 0.10).
    It's just something I have to understand about myself and live with. I won't drive if I have been drinking at all.
    But some other people in my situation may not know that the legal limit is that low for them.
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    A bit off topic...
    For a while this thread was on the edge of getting pretty nasty. I'd like to thank everyone who contributed their thoughs and who ended (maybe) the thread very friendly. Unlike many of the other forums I'm part of, here we frequently manage to agree to disagree and can at least understand each others views, even if we don't come to a common conclusion.
  18. JusBringIt

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    CleanMPG for congress!!
  19. drimportracing

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    Sounds like good times and I'm pro-racing too! (for it / not professional in status :p) Thanks for the offer, it is more than kind and I will gladly accept. I'll PM you with my number to get travel info if that's cool?

    Like others on www.cleanmpg.com we have some common interests; hypermiling, drag racing and beer! No reason to not be friends. :Banane35:

    The next time I go to the store I will look for Avery, I'm 99% sure I have tried at least one of their selections somewhere like the Flying Saucer (bar, specializes in beer) in Charlotte, NC or picked up a 6'er at Harris Teeter (grocery store, has a moderate selection)

    This looks interesting:

    Hey worthywads, just an idea, if you've got the time and don't mind would you post a thread in the Anything Goes forum about your brewery and the beers you make? I would be interested to see the labels, types of beers, personal favorites, alcohol content etc. and I'm sure we will "flush out" more beer lovers on site. :D - Dale
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    Consider me flushed out.:) I've got some friends who home brew, and I'd love to hear about wads' brewery. Mmm, beer.

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