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Discussion in 'My Ride' started by nervousmini, Jul 30, 2009.

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    I can think of 600 good reasons to prefer the Saturn. The adolescent driver of the Neon would also be a source of concern in terms of beating up the tranny and suspension beyond just needing a clutch. Would the cat probably eat up most of the Saturn's cost advantage even factoring in the tires and the clutch?

    I would lean toward the Saturn if it is cheaper after factoring in the cost of repairs, because it is likely to be more reliable since it has fewer miles and may be less mechanically abused.
    The Saturn also is fairly easy to work on--just remember to check the oil.

    Neither car sounds like a good "investment" car, so I wouldn't fret much about resale.

    Here is a 98 GTI for $1K with 122,000 miles on the internet near me whose only real problems appear to be cosmetic sheet metal damage from being backed into and a bad parking brake. Unfortunately my wife says I already have too many toys :(.
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    Well I know the current owner of the saturn and it's no surprise he had to replace the transmission.:eyebrow: He also 'removed' the converter, since he melted it down trying to race the car and had altered the afm to run rich. I do have a catalyst from an old car the was correctly altered for race only duty and the catalyst was removed - all I would need is some adapter pipe connectors and a hour with the mig welder.

    They are both probably a crapshoot for reliability - neither has lived an easy life. I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts as far as hm potential. I am leaning towords the saturn as the initial investment is much less.
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    Well, it's time for an update for the blazer blog. The blazer is gone! :woot: Things have changed for me and I no longer need the 4X4 truck, thanks goodness. So for a bit of a closing post I thought I'd put out a few bits of data.

    total miles driven - 12394.3 miles
    total % of combined epa - 113.9%
    total avg mpg - 19.933 mpg
    best tank mpg - 24.733 mpg
    best miles in 1 tank - 400.4 miles
    worst tank mpg - 15.123 mpg

    :flag: fuel saved by hypermiling - 66.71 gallons and money saved by hypermiling - $183.62 :flag:

    The numbers should have been so much better than they were, but once I started delivering pizzas the mpg just went to heck! I want to thank the whole cleanmpg community for all of your help and patience while I asked all of my newbie questions and tried to learn the techniques that worked, on a vehicle that is decidedly not fuel efficient.

    Now in turning a new vehicle page in life I will be updating in my new vehicle thread - stay tuned, I have a really good feeling on what I can get out of this car. :D
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    Hi Nervousmini:

    ___Just got around to reading this one… You know that station used to be a Citgo and they had a problem about 2 or 3-years ago during a heavy rainstorm. There tanks were loaded with water and there was Big-rigs to compacts stranded along the side of 41 from about half mile away to as many as 3-miles away all stuck with none-running engines. The station kept selling fuel even after they were told by screaming customers that something was wrong with their fuel! It took a Lake Country Sheriff to go in there and force them to shut down the pumps after about two hours of that nonsense. We have a thread about it around here somewhere and no, I will never visit that station ;)

    ___What time of day are you driving Rt. 41 to work anyway? Although the lights can be a SOIB, I have found them to offer excellent opportunities for some natural P&G via NICE-On’s and of course full on with FAS’s when and where appropriate. If you are stuck in the Abbott Rush stop and crawl, you are screwed unless driving a Prius, TCH, FEH or Fusion Hybrid.

    ___Good Luck

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    It's still a CITGO statio, but it's remodeled. I remember seeing the old in ground storage tanks being dug up - so I don't think it's the same problem. I did an alcohol level test on that tank and I think it was aroung 17% if I remember right. Anyway - I won't be going there anyomre either.

    Well I have a new job and a new commute to go with it. I still use 41 but I get off on 120 west and head to barrington. Whew it's a haul. I'm still playing with google and trying to find a good route but at least I have a better car now for the drive!
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    Congrats on losing the fsp! good luck with your new vehicle, what are you getting?
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    Thanks guys! I'm going to end this thread and continue it all on the new one - thanks for the link Mike!

    Mike BTW - I really have moved into the world of BMW, I went back to being a BMW service technician!
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