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Discussion in 'My Ride' started by nervousmini, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. Kurz

    Kurz Well-Known Member

    That reminds me I need to get a Repair Manual for my Rav4.
    Are they usually well illustrated?
    (Visual Person here)
  2. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Well it took quite a while to get through this tank, almost a week and a half. I had quite a few overnight test drives of customer cars to verify issues or confirm completed repairs. This was my first tank with the sg and my mpg fell like a rock! I'm down over 2.5 mpg for the tank! :eyebrow:

    I don't know if I was just too busy learning and playing with it or what. :confused:

    Anyway, not much else going on except that some of my fe loss may be due to the right front wheel bearing I just started to hear making some noise....... oh the joy of driving a high mileage vehicle - the only stuff that isn't broken or worn out is what I've just replaced! But I'm about to cross the 160,000 mile mark (10,000 since I bought it in December 08), and although I've had to do allot of repairs - it's been pretty good considering the mechanical shape it was in when I bought it.

    BTW, if you want to see what's happening to the cash for clunkers trade ins - search 'clunker engine' on you tube - there is a great one of a Volvo S80 that goes for almost 10 minutes at redline with an oilpan full of sodium silicate, sad too see it go but a great example of just how damn tough these cars are - I do miss working on them.

    Hopefully the next tank will be back on track - I'm starting learn the sg, so hopefully it will be less of a novelty soon

    I saw this on my commute home Friday - anybody want to guess what kind of mpg he was getting with this set up? I wonder which is worse, the 45 foot Prevost RV or the Lincoln LT riding on the trailer?:D

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  3. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member


    I sympathize: 98 Suburban 210,130 miles, bought at 195,000.
    1) Radiator=$155
    3)Belt tensioner=$37
    4) Brake booster=$135
    5) Shocks =$210
    6) Intake manifold gasket-FREAKIN' nightmare because I farmed the work out,and had to redo it,and fix all the screw ups=$600
    7)All the weatherstripping needs to be replaced.I have aluminum tape over the barn door seams to keep water from pouring in. Weatherstripping is very expensive-maybe $800 for entire vehicle-roughly what it is worth!
    8) Timing cover=$40
    9)New sprockets and timing chain=$60

    Despite the above it has been a reliable vehicle getting surprisingly good mpg-considering what it is.

    Yes, I sympathize.

    Good luck,
  4. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    phoebeisis -

    I've been avoiding this, but since you brought it up I guess it's time to tally up the damage.

    Blazer - bought for $1250
    Replaced motor $1800
    replaced fuel pump $290
    replaced idler arm $28
    sway bar bushings $16
    1 ball joint $16
    pittman arm $37
    2 oil changes (royal purple) $60
    used Dinan air intake and filter $0
    used BMW wheels and tires $0

    Total spent $3497

    Not as bad as I though it would be, but I really didn't plan on replacing the motor after only having the car for 5 days :(

    Still have a few things looming on the repair horizon to consider... but at least with getting the freebee on the wheels and tires I can stop budgeting for new tires. :D

    Front brakes (pads, rotors and calipers) $180
    Right front wheel bearing $130
    Front control arm bushings $60
    Oil change (mobil 1 0-30w) $30

    Total upcoming $400
  5. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    n Yeah, that motor was a killer.On the bright side GM parts are cheap.I can get a NEW-not rebuilt, new- Goodwrench 5.7 delivered to my curb for $2350-not bad for a new motor.

    I paid $2950+$350 TTL-$3300. Not counting oil changes I guess I'm at about $4700-not too bad.
    I did discover that AutoZone' cheapest brake pads-about $17-work great-well as great as that years Suburban can work. Cheap pads might wear faster and produce more dust, but so what!!

    Your $3500 isn't bad at all for a running vehicle with a new motor. The cheapest new vehicle is probably $13000, and it would be a small car-with a $300/month note for 4-5 years.
    No way could I affor-new- something as versatile and comfortable as the Suburban-they cost $45,000-$800/mo note!!
    If I can get 30,000 more miles-5 years or so- out of this I'll be happy. I might-someday- get a new engine-maybe $3000 with gaskets/fluids etc-still way ahead of new.


    PS-Forgot the $80 battery. I'm hoping to average under $1000/yr for parts maintenance.
  6. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    No it hasn't been to bad for overall costs - as long as there are no more surprises :eyebrow:

    I could have tried for a new car, but I got what I really needed - 4 doors and 4 wheel drive. I got stuck a few times last year in the snow trying to get places that I really did need to get to quickly and I expect the same scenarios this winter as well. The BMW 740 it replaced was much nicer but didn't cut it when the chips fell - so out it went. The blazer has been my first personal domestic vehicle, and has been about what I expected so far.

    I hope to hang on to it for at least 3 to 5 years and then maybe look for something like a used Ford escape with the 4 cyl engine and 4wd as a more fe replacement. Or whatever else might be a good buy at the time.

    speaking of trade ins------- snapped a pic of this one before it hit the transport truck and off to the auction....maybe I should have gone for it :D

  7. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    An Impala or some Dodge with Lambo doors??$1500 car with $2000 doors-makes sense!!

    I lucked out with this FSP-I expected to average maybe 13-14 mpg-my overall average is more like 18.5 or so.It also has always gotten me home-a big plus with a 12 yo car with 200,000+ miles.

    PS Not that you would be foolish enough to do this, but folks commonly put 5.7's in S-10's and Astro vans-probably could do the same with the Blazer if you were that foolish.Apparently there isn't any mpg penalty.
  8. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Well it took nearly 2 weeks to get through the last tank, more test drives and had a few days off from work to help stretch the tank.

    My tank avg MPG is still down @ 22.499 from my best of almost 25 a few tanks ago. :( What gives, is winter blend already in the pumps, it's been a bit cooler and raining for the last month or so and my right front wheel bearing still needs to be replaced - could I have already peaked? I was really hoping to get a 25 or higher mpg tank before the end of the year.

    I been using the sg a little more but just for the lod function to help better maintain dwl parts of my drive, it seems to help a bit - but I'm not seeing it @ the end of the tank yet. But I'm definately starting to get the feel of what it can do, I just have to figure out my target numbers to make the most of it. I have also been able to see dfco happen on the truck a few times - sweet :D
  9. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member


    Hey, 22 +mpg in a Blazer is better than 99.99% of most Blazer drivers-heck maybe better than 99.999. Blazers aren't noted for great FE for some reason-not sure why since they have a reasonably efficient motor/trans and they are not too heavy-maybe 4000 lbs?

    Have you guys in the upper midwest goten some of this colder than average weather I've been hearing about? If so maybe you are getting some winter type gas, or maybe just more ethanol-the corn/ ethanol producers have plenty of pull in your area maybe they are requiring more ethanol in the fuel so Archer/Daniels/midland has a better 3 quarter?

    dfco -This fuel cutoff I keep hearing about.The vehicle literally uses ZERO fuel when you lift off throttle? The SG shows 0.0 ??? Could my 1998 5.7 Suburban be doing this?? I spend waaaaay too much time looking at the SG, but it never reads 0.0 in the Suburban. I'm constantly motor on pulsing and gliding in D, but it never reads 0.0 gph?

    Will my 2005 vintage SG not read this, or will my Suburban not do the FC? Or is there some specific sequence of "things" I need to do to get it to shut the fuel off?? My gliding mpg is good-35-40 mpg depending on the speed, but it isn't infinite like it would be with zero flow.

    What am I missing here?
  10. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about 22mpg, I just have my sights set always higher than where I am at.

    I'm not sure about the fuel - I have be meaning to start grabbing a small sample so I could check the alcohol content of each tank and see if I am getting more/less than to E10 the pumps are labeled at and then see how that relates to the mpg of the tank.

    When my truck goes into dfco it is usually at 45 + mpg, going downhill (moderate grade), and no throttle for about 5 seconds. I can see it happen when lod = 1, mpg = 99, ign = -10. It lasts for as long as I can keep my foot of the gas pedal. I'm not seeing o gph either @ dfco it's around 0.60 gph.

    I'm not sure the requirements for your 'burban, it seems to differ from vehicle to vehicle - but my guess is that your speed isn't high enough to start the sequence.

    Hope this helps.
  11. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    Thanks-got it.I don't use the SG on the long trips when I'm at higher speeds and going downhill.I figure I'm likely to get in a wreck, so I set the CC to 65-68 and point it.It gets 21 mpg on long-3000 mile-interstate trips.GM certainly did something right with their small blocks.

    I'll check for DFCO next time on on the interstate doing 60 or so.

  12. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    when you are coasting to a stop, instead of using your brakes, shift into low and let the engine do the braking, if you get the rpms up over 1700 or so you should get 9999 on the sg and 0.0gph if you have it. I just found out my 91 mirage has it with my mpguino
  13. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    MT Bucket,

    So the electronic control senses engine braking-high rpms, no throttle- and cuts the fuel off so as to increase braking?
  14. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    I dunno how it works, but it does :) I never even knew about it until I found this forum! :)
  15. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Well, it took a while again to burn through another tank - allot of test drives again helped to stretch out my fuel expenses. ;)

    Now for the bad news.....

    My last tank was only good for 21.349 mpg, and yea I know thats great for what I'm driving - but I'm driving my but off and my fe is heading down the tubes! :( There are a few repairs that still need to be done that are probably bringing my avg down, but I was so close to a 25 mpg tank.

    Anyway, I have started to take fuel samples from each tank refueling to check for alcohol/water levels to see what I'm actually getting from some of the stations I usually go to. The first sample was not encouraging in the least. What I though was one of my "good" sources is selling garbage. I just got myself a nice fresh tank of 17% alcohol/water :mad:

    Soooo, that will be the last time I use that station. There are others of that brand in my area, so I can see if it is that station or the brand as a whole that is killing my mileage.

    Wayne - btw, in case you read this post - the above mentioned station is right down the road from you, just north of Fat Man Inn on 41 northbound, you may want to skip that gas station. Or anyone else in the area that recognized where I'm talking about.

    The only other news I have is that among the C4C vehicles that we took in on trade happened to be a few blazers/s10 trucks - but I was specifically told to keep my ever scavenging/plundering paws off of them :( . It seems that they really do know me that well :D
  16. phoebeisis

    phoebeisis Well-Known Member

    17% !!!! What is it supposed to be-no more than 10% ??
    Well, that certainly explains your mpg drop.
    PS-They won't even let you "borrow" a compressor or some other minor item??
  17. ILAveo

    ILAveo Well-Known Member

    B*******, it sounds like they're holding out on you. Maybe the service department needs to share more donuts with sales.:p
  18. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it really bites - but you would be surprised at the number of cars that come in with drivability issues that are directly fuel quality related - 15%, 20% + is very common. Though I have seen operator error a few times with E85 filled tanks, not sure how you make that one without really trying :eek:

    Nope, no borrowing/swapping/plundering. I have a pretty good history of that sort of thing (with permission of management), I think that they are just saying NO to everyone. The idea being to avoid a small scale pick-n-pull in the back parking lot, with me as the used car parts version of Dr. Evil :D:D:D

    Still, it seems such a waste - not just for me alone. Some of the cars/trucks have new or nearly new tires and such. But I think that they have made a group deal for all c4c vehicles with one salvage yard, and surely they are going to want the good stuff like that to help offset the fact they can't sell any engines.
  19. nervousmini

    nervousmini Well-Known Member

    Well it's been a while and seems time for a bit of an update.

    The blazer has been pressed into duty for my new part time job at night................ Pizza Delivery. That's right Dale, there's another hypermiler dwb - Driving With Breadsticks :D

    Anyway it wasn't my first choice, especially with my delivery vehicle - but part time gigs have been real tough to come by, so when this one popped up I grabbed it. The unfortunate side effect has been my hard earned Expert rating has been quickly reduce back to Skilled. Along with my avg tank going from 22mpg range down to 19mpg :ccry:

    I have been setting aside the tips into a stash to hopefully fund another car for daily driving and deliveries and save the Blazer for bad weather duty in the coming winter. I have lines on 2 cars so let me know what you all think.

    1. 1999 dodge neon r/t coupe. 200,000 miles, 1 owner - but gave to son who (ab)used it for about a year. Body good - little rust, needs clutch (it's still got the original!), tires, front brakes with calipers (siezed from sitting outside) $1000 plus repairs. epa rated 24 city 36 hwy

    2. 1996 Saturn sl sedan. 140,000 miles, ? owners, looks like hell - saturns rust!?!, fresh 5 spd manual trans and clutch, needs catalytic converter - missing:mad:, right ball joint and tires. $400 plus repairs. 22 city 32 hwy

    The cool thing about the saturn is the tires. If you have followed this thread you will know that I needed tire for the Blazer and discovered that I could make a BMW wheel and tire mix work........ Well I discovered the same for the saturn. MINI Cooper bolt patter = 4=100mm, Saturn bolt pattern = 4x100mm! The bolt pattern is the same the offset is close enough and if I do a +1 tire it comes out to 175/65r15, the same as MINI! So after some of my infamous scavenging I have come up with a set of 15" MINI wheels and tires (Fresh Continental CH95s no less!)

    The Neon needs more substantial work, but looks better and would probably be worth more when finished. The saturn is ugly as heck - a complete pos beater and even when fixed up not worth much, but probably more reliable?

    Any thoughts.
  20. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Man, that's a lot of miles on either one!! :eek:

    The Neon seems like a better known quantity with less abuse?

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