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  1. JusBringIt

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    We were stopped at the light, a gas station at the intersection. I'm in the right lane, he's in the left, both lanes go straight. Gas station was on the right at that same intersection with an entrance 70 ft ahead. Light turned green...we go at the same time, he then must've mashed it and swung into my lane (right lane) and brakes (all in a matter of 70ft) to pull into the gas station. I had to brake and swerve into the left lane after a quick check to make sure no one was there.

    As I pulled by him in my lane (still braking and just turning), I saw him yacking away at his cell phone.

    I can't do anything about it...so this is where the gov't steps in to put my tax money to good use.
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  2. kendan

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    Don't you know that every one's phone conversations are more important than your safe driving?:eek:
  3. Mr. Pancake

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    This is probably just me but who are people talking to all the time on their cell phones anyway? Who wants to talk to someone at seven in the morning while they're driving to work? What do you talk about at seven in the morning?
  4. cpeter38

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    If we knew the answer to that my fine flat friend, I think we would all be a bit nuts (like that idiot). Even prior to hypermiling, I couldn't tolerate holding a cell phone to my ear while driving. No matter how much I tried to tell myself that I was a better driver than all the other people with cell phones mashed in their ears, I knew that it wasn't the same.

    Lets look at this a different way.

    Would you ever go up in a small plane with a pilot who talked on his or her cell phone while landing a plane??

    I know planes deal with 3 dimensions (I am a pilot w/a 200+ hours of time), but there is only 1 plane landing on a runway at a time.
  5. Shiba3420

    Shiba3420 Well-Known Member

    I have called my wife in the morning after leaving to work when I remembered something I forgot to tell her earlier and wasn't sure I'd remember later.

    A lot of these yahoos are doing business already. I'm just waiting for some really huge lawsuit brought by a worker who was called in their car on the way to work, by their boss. There are some companies that really need to start stepping on necks for employees who continue to do business while driving, but saddly the problem often starts at the top.
  6. Taliesin

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    Try this one, and I did need to take the phone call.

    Right after I leave for work at 5:30 I get a phone call from work. Sorry, but phone calls from work are that important, I have to answer them. And it did turn out to be rather important. It doesn't happen often, but I have had important phone calls at any time of the day.

    Now if it isn't important, I tell them I am driving and I'll call them back later and if I am in a situation where driving takes up more attention, well... That phone just won't get answered and if it really is important I'll get a voice mail.

    I don't use the phone much. Maybe 200 minutes a month, and almost all of that in non-driving situations.
  7. Mr. Pancake

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    I just remembered something from a couple years ago. At work we got new air conditioning units (big several thousand pound units) and they had to be put in to place with a crane. The crane operator was on his phone the whole time he was maneuvering these things. I was just an observer to the operation and well back of the crane and its radius but I was very suprised that the HVAC workers who were around and under these units helping to set them in place didn't tell the guy to get off of his phone.
  8. Kurz

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    My boss gets so angry at me when I say I am driving we'll talk when I get there.
    Seriously I am not trying to have an accident.

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