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    [​IMG] The largest gathering of Smart Fortwo fans in the world is currently being prepped.

    [fimg=right][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - July 24, 2009

    A Smart driver driving amongst the beautiful mountain passes of Austria readying for Smart Times 2009.

    Smart Times 2009 is a celebration of sorts. The gathering will include a car convoy, concerts, creative competitions, fun and joy of life. From August 21st through the 23rd 2009, the largest gathering of Smart enthusiasts worldwide will take place. Over three days, Smart Times attendees can look forward to a varied program held on an old airport site in Kaprun, Austria.

    In 1998 one of the most unusual series production vehicles ever was launched on the market. The two-seater Smart Fortwo with a length of just 8 feet established its own class. Eleven years after its introduction, the car has a growing and enthusiastic community of fans.

    Several thousand Smart enthusiasts from all over Europe will gather again in Kaprun to celebrate their passion for Smart cars together. A varied program awaits them. Highlights will include the Smart convoy, the Smart Times contest plus a party, live concerts and of course technical discussions with developers, tuners and industry experts.

    Overview of Smart Times 2009

    21 August 2009: Opening celebration. On the evening of Friday, 21 August 2009, Smart Times will kick off with a joint celebration on the old airport site.

    22 August 2009: Smart Times convoy, contest and party

    The Smart convoy, a parade of Smart Fortwo’s stretching for miles around the lake, will start on Saturday the 22nd at 11 AM from the old airport. In 2008 a total of 743 Smart cars took part in this impressive rally which earned an entry in the Guinness Book of Records! In the afternoon attendees can look forward to the exciting Smart Times contest. A jury will judge and award prizes for all aspects of vehicle modification – from design to styling, tuning, audio and also to driving skills. The motto for the exclusive Smart party to be held at Kaprun castle on Saturday evening is "Welcome to the Smart class". The highlight will be a live performance by Steve Appleton, the 20 year old pop newcomer from the UK. His song "Inner City Lover" accompanies the current advertising campaign.

    23 August 2009: Finally, all Smart Times participants are invited to do some Smart shopping. All kinds of items from second-hand accessories to rarities will come under the hammer.

    Smart at Smart Times 2008​

    Participation in Smart Times is free of charge. Even more details can be found at Smart Times.

    Love the Smart or not, this gathering of fuel misers would prove to be one heck of a party gathering for all to enjoy :)
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    That would be fun

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