Toyota Corolla recommendations? Improvements to increase fuel economy?

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  1. Sorry if I screwed up any double posts, having some issues form my end. I hope any admin can delete if I doubled post anywhere.

    Hello and greetings!

    I bought a 2007 Toyota Corolla from a previous owner, who could only average around 36.6 Miles Per Gallon or so on the highway, and about 27 in "real world". However, I know you can get a lot more, from this car. So I increased the PSI to 40 each tyre, changed the oil to Pennzoil Premium Synthetic... light foot, basic basic hyper-milling techniques... I pull 42 Average so far with a mix of 33% City, 66% Highway. How can I boost it to the lower to upper 50's? Automatic, 4 speed... that was in May before I went back to work in Taiwan. So I have been car-less for a few months. But, when I get back home, no more wonderful easy convenient Massive Rapid Transit and high speed rail to connect me to where I need to go. So I need your help!

    Came with:
    Goodyear Tryes: Goodyear Assurance TripleTred, about 88% tread left (guessing obviously)

    bought in Taiwan: less than a week ago

    Drop in K&N Fuel Filter (equivalent of $14.95 @ 75% off Sale at local "going out of business" Autopart store)

    bought in the US: about 2 years back
    Scanguage II from :flag: BEST INVESTMENT FOR ANY MOTORIST, but you all obviously know that :)

    Considering: LED Lights, especially for DTRLs, what do you think? I can get them at about 10% less than Retail in the US, with no sales tax, and no shipping (pick up) here, in Keelung, Taiwan, however I am coming back to the US for a while

    However, the owner of the store warned me about LED's from his experience with his Toyota Vios... being the turn indicators will not work without modification to load resister/voltage... which got me confused and thinking.

    SOOO I need your help!

    1) LED's, worth the effort/price for fuel economy? Safety is important to, so brightness/visibility? Any experience? Any experience/tips with this car (Corolla)?

    Any good install guides for LEDs you know of? I want to replace my DRLs/foglights/breaklights, and Turn Signals) maybe add high performance halogens for brights ( I live in Deer Country)

    2) Tyre pressure the age old question...
    I am so confused, being confused from so many different conflicting sources. When I got my oil changed, they said I should have them at 30... the previous owner had them at 27:eyebrow:, I had them at 44PSI, and I was told its "dangerous"... what do you think I can get away with for a) traction b) fuel economy... and also, every-time I get service they always lower my pressure back to 30PSI...

    3) Coast in neutral in an automatic/W Overdrive? Will this damage my car? Is it really better than letting the car "automatically" lower RPM when I am off the throttle?

    4) What else can I do? The sweet perfect number I seem to pull is 42 average (the perfect number ha) Miles per gallon in this car. I cannot really exceed that. I took everything unnecessary out of the car, except for: Me, haha obviously, Spare/tools, Manual/docs and mats for dirt/mud, and the Radio/speakers.

    5) Fuel additives? Calcium stuff, cleaners, etc... after market/add on stuff?

    Any advise would be appreciated! Thank you for taking the time to read this long post!
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    It will help some, but IMO, it's not worth it for me to switch. All of my lights work right now. When they burn out, I may look to LED replacements. But until then, I'll keep my lights stock.

    Max sidewall pressure! Get them back up to 44psi! Next time you get service, tell them not to touch the tires. If they do, have them fix it!

    In most situations, NICE-On (coasting in neutral) will be better FE-wise than leaving it in gear. It will not damage your car.

    It takes practice. Take a look at the link in my signature for the How's and Why's of hypermiling.

    Don't waste your money.[/quote]

    And of course, welcome to CleanMPG.
  3. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Welcome to CleanMPG!! You've got a good vehicle to work with and you are off to an excellent start. :)

    We have a member who installed LEDs in his Insight -- he ran into the turn signal issue and did correct it. You can find his efforts and results detailed in this thread:

    LED issues with honda Insight...
  4. Psion

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    Welcome, High-Speed!

    This is good info for me as well.
    I have a 2009 S AT, and presently pulling around 41 mpg.
    Would LOVE to improve that somehow.

    Michael: Wouldn't coasting in gear allow for DFCO, and thus add to better FE than NICE-on?
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  5. PaleMelanesian

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    DFCO gives better INSTANT FE, but later you have to burn gas to make up the speed you lost due to the engine braking. The average suffers then. Unless you have to stop anyway, like for an unexpected red light. Then, DFCO is good.
  6. Psion

    Psion Hyper-Beginner

    Then I am using it the right way.
    I DFCO when I need to slow down, and NICE-On while trying to maintain speed.

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