The new European BMW 316d ES Sedan

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    [​IMG] A BMW that the US needs although the marques customers here may not necessarily agree... Yet.

    [fimg=left][/fimg]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - June 25, 2009

    2009 BMW 316d Sedan - $38,424 OTR (includes UK taxes) to start and 50.3 mpgUS combined on the NEDC.

    Award-winning EfficientDynamics technology spawns the most fuel efficient and cleanest BMW 3 Series ever.

    The most fuel efficient and cleanest 3 Series BMW has ever produced. The new BMW 316d ES Sedan sets a new benchmark in the luxury market with its heightened blend of high fuel economy, low emissions and as always, a rewarding driving experience.

    The BMW 316d is powered by a 2L, I4 turbo-diesel engine that records a BMW best, 50.3 mpg on the NEDC combined cycle. This class-leading fuel economy figure is enough to give the car a range easily in excess of 800 miles between fill-ups. Easily the most fuel efficient and cleanest BMW 3 Series ever.

    Every BMW must meet its customer’s performance expectations. The 2.0L turbo-diesels 116 HP and 192 lb-ft. of torque from 1,750 RPM is transmitted to the road via a six-speed manual gearbox allowing the 316d a zero to 60 mph time of 10.7 seconds. In addition, a top speed of 125 mph and BMW’s uncompromised handling should meet most customer requirements. This level of performance and efficiency eclipses compact competitor products from the likes of Audi and Mercedes.

    Low running costs are a key factor in the proposition of BMW 316d ownership. The BMW 316d costs just $58 USD a year to tax courtesy of a band C Vehicle Excise Duty rank. To put this in context, the BMW 316d with its CO2 emissions of just 118g/km and a P11D value of $38,276 means a 40 percent tax payer is liable for $1,990 USD a year. A person in the 25 per cent bracket need only pay $1,243 USD. Compare this to the award-winning BMW 318d and savings of $863 USD and $540 respectively can be made.

    The new BMW 316d Saloon goes on sale in September.
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    If only they would bring it........

    To be fair, I'm not sure that the typical BMW customer is ready for it either - but it may bring those who have not considered the brand to at least think about it.

    BMW makes so many fabulous vehicles that are only prevented from being imported here by the haunting memories most Americans have of diesel cars and marketing/sales types without the vision to help change that impression!

    The 335td is a wonderful car and I fear that if it can't prove itself to people who aren't willing to give it a chance, it will disappear like the 524td of the 80's.
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    It's too bad, most of the BMW's that members here would like are only sold in Europe. Sadly, 100-120hp gassers and diesels, hatchbacks, high mpg, and cheaper low-featured models don't fit in with the image BMW likes to have here. If only they could change that, but I'm not sure how American customers would react?
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    Hi Wayne,

    I think the 62.8 mpg quoted for this car is in UK gallons, not US. Still, not bad at all for a bigish car!

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    HI Smart-za:

    ___Excellent catch! I was working on all those darned British Pound and Euro conversions and skipped the Imperial gallon ones :rolleyes:

    ___Good Luck


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