Honda keeps dream alive for fuel-cell auto

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    [​IMG] Car maker remains publicly wedded to idea of hydrogen reaction eventually replacing internal combustion engines

    [fimg=RIGHT][/fimg]Jeremy Cato - THEGLOBEANDMAIL - June 25, 2009

    Ah, the hydrogen debate never seems to go away, does it? And Honda is making sure we do not stop talking about it either ... --Ed.

    For $600 (U.S.) a month, a handful of people are leasing the Honda FCX Clarity fuel-cell car, but the Clarity is likely worth $200,000 or $2-million or Lord knows what.

    Someone knows, but the Honda people are not telling. They eventually plan to let 200 people lease a Clarity between now and two years hence. The idea is to put a dedicated fuel-cell automobile into the hands of folks like you and I.

    I'm not one of the chosen few, though at least I've been given chance to take a Clarity for a spin around downtown Vancouver and through Stanley Park. Frankly, the whole experience is thoroughly unremarkable.

    That's Honda's plan.

    In a nutshell, Honda remains publicly wedded to the idea of fuel cells eventually replacing internal combustion engines. Honda types from the CEO on down have long been skeptical about battery-powered cars and almost disdainful of full-on parallel gasoline-electric hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius and the new Ford Fusion Hybrid.

    They believe two drivetrains are not a very sensible or cost-efficient replacement for one. So a parallel hybrid, which runs on either the gas engine, the electric one or some combination of both, doesn't make sense to them.

    They also believe battery technology is not about to advance so much and so fast that either a pure battery-powered car or an extended-range electric car (like the Chevrolet Volt) has a chance to be practical and affordable in the near or medium term.... [rm][/rm]
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    Honda is right. It makes more sense to lease a vehicle for $600.00 that cost them $250,000.00 takes 20 minutes to fill up instead of charging an EV or plug-in hybrid overnight when you're not likely to use your car. It also makes sense to sell it only in California because the hydrogen vehicle doesn't like it when it gets too cold. It makes sense to drive a hydrogen vehicle then leave it at the airport and when you come back your fuel tank is lower when you come back to your car then when you parked it there. It also makes sense to use 1½ times the energy to reform natural gas, where 98% of our hydrogen comes from anyway, to produce the hydrogen over batteries then to just simply recharge batteries. Oh, and uh one more thing. The fuel is four times as expensive and electricity is so much cheaper to use.

    With all these advantages HFCVs have who needs a $22,000 Toyota Prius hybrid, a $27,000 Ford Fusion hybrid or a $40,000.00 Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid?
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    Hydrogen Vehicles won't bloody work. Simple as that. They're too expensive and it takes FAR TOO MUCH ENERGY to create the hydrogen. You'd seriously be cheaper off with drilling holes in the ground and gorging yourself on hydrocarbons AND THAT'S THE WAY THEY WANT IT!

    Electric Vehicles and biofuel hybrids are the way to go.

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