2009 Ford Escape /w 6 speed AT

Discussion in 'Ford' started by Xringer, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    I've been looking at the FEH, but cost and miles driven considerations are
    making me look at the regular ICE model.

    I drive so infrequently, I'm not too worried about MPG, but I am concerned
    about over-all quality and reliability of the 2009 FE. (had a bad Ford 40 years ago).

    Here's the car I'm looking at this week.. :)

    Comments please..
  2. jkp1187

    jkp1187 Well-Known Member

    Consumerreports.org (subscription required, but it's only $4.95/month,) predicts that the 2009 Ford Escape 4 cyl. will have "BETTER THAN AVERAGE" reliability. CR's overall MPG was 21; they averaged 15 city/27 highway, and averaged 26 MPG on their 150 mile mixed driving test.

    The only 'trouble spot' that had worse than average problems reported on the '08 4 cyl Escape were "squeaks and rattles".

    A co-worker has an older 4 cyl Escape, and she has not had many problems with it. At least, not many that weren't self-inflicted... ;)
  3. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    "squeaks and rattles".. Not a big deal to me, but they do bug my wife in her Corolla..
    I heard the Canadian assemblers sometimes run low on cable ties and just keep going.
    Both front windows make all kinds of noise..

    Thanks for your input..
  4. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Price of the base 2WD model AT isn't looking too bad right now.
    (From my town newspaper).

    I wonder if they will get better when the 2010 models come out??
  5. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    The car in that ad above is actually Torch Red, and if all goes well,
    I'll be driving it home this afternoon!

    The test drive yesterday was very fine. I really like the way it shifts.
    On the highway, the revs stay much lower than my old CRV in 5th gear.

    Have to figure out what I need for SG2 settings..

    Picked it up and so far, it seems very nice.
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  6. jhu

    jhu Well-Known Member

    Someone here was able to get 40+ mpg on a non-hybrid Ford Escape. She was on TV too.
  7. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Actually, I believe that was a CRV...
  8. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Dang, I just got rid of my CRV! ;)
    It was getting 31.2 mixed w/ about 70% highway. That was staying around the speed limit.
    Never going under 55 on the highways.

    I think this new Ford is going to do okay, with it's 6 speed tranny..
    Plus, the tires are the same fancy ones they use on the FEH.. :)

    My goal is going to be 35 MPG highway and maybe 30 mixed..

    The manual recommends not trying to measure MPG until it's got 1,000 miles on it. :eek:

    I hope to hit that before next summer.. In the mean time, I'll burn off some of that
    free dealer gas and see if I can get a couple of re-fills in, so I can calibrate the SG2..
    I've got the SG2 Speedo set (used the GPS) pretty well. The Ford's trip meter
    matches the miles on the SG2 & GPS almost exactly..
  9. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Up to the 200 mile mark today. Finally took some time to perform the correct AT fluid check.
    Dang! It was way too low. In the 'Do Not Drive' zone..

    I make a mistake and called the salesman before calling service. He made sure they sent
    a couple of guys right over to my house, right after they found the right AT oil. (not in stock).
    (Mercon LV. Low Viscosity?).

    I think the young man added 1/2 quart and the level was looking good. Almost there!
    Just a couple of ounces more and.. He poured in the second half quart when my back was turned!!
    Now, it's 1/2 inch too high!! Another bad zone. Can cause shifting problems and/or transmission damage!
    Of course, he was in a real hurry to get back to the shop..

    So, I waited for the tranny to cool, checked again. Took a turn around the block and checked again..
    It's solid between 0.5" and 0.6" above the top indicator hole.

    So, I'm wondering if I should try to find some real thin hose to siphon some of the oil out,
    or try the dealer again?? :eyebrow:
  10. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    These newer transaxles don't hold as much fluid as the older automatics of a generation ago. And they are built smaller and have less tolerance for overfilling. Normally, the easiest way to drain some fluid is through the cooler return line, but that can introduce air into the system and do more harm than good. There is probably a set screw in the back that is at the top of the full fluid line and can be loosened to allow extra fluid to be drained.
    Assuming you have a receipt for the visit from the tech, you should arrange to take the car to the dealer shop to have them correct the fluid level. Anything you do yourself can cause them to duck their obligation. Before taking it back, drive as easily as possible and avoid higher speeds and engine rpm. (As if we don't do that already!)
  11. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Thanks for the info. But this is weird.. Maybe the guy slipped in an extra quart that I didn't see..

    Because now it looks like it was only about 9 oz low to begin with!
    I started pumping it out with a little spray pump and some some hose.
    (The hose is new fuel line hose for my RC model plane hobby).

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The guys left an empty 32 oz bottle. I pumped 23 oz back into the bottle before
    I could get a good showing on the stick..

    Nine ounces?? I'm going to run around some tomorrow and keep checking the dip stick..
    Maybe I'll have to add some back in. We'll see. They did leave me a fresh quart, just in case..
  12. MaxxMPG

    MaxxMPG Hasta Lavista AAA-Vee Von't Be Bach

    Remember to check fluid level only by using the method outlined in the owners manual. Nowadays, it seems as if every one is different. If the Ford transaxle is one that drains everything back to the pan when the engine is off, it can read artificially high until the car is started, warmed up, and each driving range is selected for a few seconds.

    And if at all possible, do not reuse the fluid extracted from the transaxle and placed in the spare bottle. Like braking systems, transmissions are very picky about contaminated fluid, and so it's safer to use the fresh stuff whenever you need to fill 'er up.
  13. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    I followed the manual to the letter. I don't know the exact transmission temp,
    but I did drive around for a while with the coolant temp in the 180-190 range (SG2).
    I'm pretty sure I was getting a good reading on the stick.

    Just moving the shifter between D & L didn't give me the 'clunk' effect,
    so I shifted in to 'N' first and then right into D, L & R. (stopping for 3 seconds in each,
    Before going to P for reading the dipstick while the engine was still running.

    That used fluid is going into the recycle tank. I have a brand new quart if needed.

    From what I have been reading about this new 6speed, it never needs fluid.
    It's there for the life of the tranny.. If it lasts 30,000 miles that will be good nuff for me.
  14. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    That was fast.. Took a Ford $10,000 loan to get the best price.
    Wrote them a check when the first bill came in last week.

    Just got a $9 refund (interest?) and a notice that the state had
    been notified of my ownership and that it would take
    6 to 8 weeks for my title to get here from the state of Mass.

    Also in the mail was a big envelope from the DMV.. My title!! :)

    I guess the guys at the DMV aren't seeing very many people
    buying new cars, so they can actually give quick service!!
    (Unheard of before now)..
  15. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    Trailer hitch install.

    I found a nice looking U-Haul hitch on Ebay for my new (new to me) Thule Bike Rack.

    Bottom view. Right side bracket is smaller, so as to fit under the muffler.

    You can see the cut-cut (bottom of pic) where the Hybrid coolant lines will fit.
    The welding workmanship looked very good. Paint looks like a powder coat.
    There was some (shipping) abrasion of the paint, so my 2 extra coats might help some.

    This is a Heavy class 3 hitch, so it's going to have a small effect on the MPG,
    due to it's weight and maybe due to some added aerodynamic drag.

    The installation sheet said to remove the spare during the install,
    but I couldn't see why. So, I left it in place. No problem.

    The snake wire has a coil on one end. You snake the wire into a bolt hole,
    and out the rear opening. Screw the bolt (with square 'washer') into the
    end of the wire, then pull it back out the hole.

    Here is my 1st bolt, on the left side forward.

    It's a simple bolt-up job, and is pretty fast if you have two installers.
    Took me a while, since my assistant was a 5 gallon bucket under the center of the hitch. :)
    I did need to add a 12" extension wire to the supplied snake. I felt it was too short.
  16. Xringer

    Xringer Older Member

    The 2" bike carrier seems to fit just fine.





    I like that it has a 400 pound tongue weight rating. Means I can stand on
    the bike rack and not break anything. :)

    Something like this might be nice when inside gets too full.

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