Charge in 5 minutes, Drive 500 miles?

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    Charge in 5 minutes, Drive 500 miles?

    Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Tuesday September 26, @07:34AM

    from the shocking-discoveries dept.

    ctroutwi writes "In the wake of rising gasoline costs there have been plenty of alternatives seen on the horizon. Including Hybrids, Biofuels, fuel cells and battery powered all electric cars. CNN has recently posted a story about a company (EEStor) that plans on offering Ultra-Capacitor storage products. The claim being that you charge the ultra-capacitor in 5 minutes, with approximately 9$ (~$.45 a gallon) of electricity and then drive 500 miles."
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    Hi Terry

    That subject was posted here already, but that ultracap is worth talking about again. Let's hope it makes it to the market at great price to curve global warming. I've been in south Florida for almost 40 years and can see the ocean rise where I scuba dive since I was a kid. It maynot be that long till I can put my boat in the water from my driveway!

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    :Banane37: Hi Gary, It is almost impossible to remember what our Threads and Post are here now. I try but some get by me.

    It just takes up way to much time to try to go back and look at prior Threads/Post. So I decided to just go ahead and do the Threads and if they are a duplicate then hopefully the ones that have seen them the 1st go around will just ignore them and maybe some of the New Members did not see them the 1st time. Hopefully: I wonder how many Members here realize the Hrs. that Wayne Gerdes (xcel) puts in on Threads and Post here. Like some days 16 Hrs. at a time. I have on weekends been on the Forum from like 5:00 PM Friday evening until Saturday morning at 4:00AM. The reason I mention this is it is just very hard not to duplicate stuff here when there are so many Threads/Post done. I don't even have the time "Honestly" to read the Majority of Threads/Post here. Is is just to time consuming and in my case I don't have that good a memory.

    Hey, Gary I am not being funny here or clever just taking a minute to reply to this. I think you and others understand what I am saying. I along with the others that do the Majority of the New Threads here just have so much time and try our best to not Bore Members with the same thing. With this many Threads: 2,115 and this many Posts: 12,516 it is really hard to remember what is being Duplicated. I hope this does not sound like to anyone here that I am upset, I just think I needed to try to explain to Members why things get Double Posted at times.

    Terry (tiger)
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