Toyota's Global Output Keeps Climbing:

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    Associated Press

    AP Executive Morning Briefing
    09.25.2006, 06:51 AM

    Toyota's Global Output Keeps Climbing

    TOKYO (AP) - Toyota Motor Corp., on pace to overtake General Motors as the world's biggest automaker, said Monday its global production rose 17.3 percent in August, the 22nd straight monthly gain. Soaring oil prices have proved a boon for Toyota as drivers turn to fuel-efficient cars, including the Prius hybrid, Corolla compact and the midsize Camry, the best-selling model in the U.S. for eight of the last nine years.
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    They make good, solid cars at a fair price. The cars are more reliable than their American and European counterparts. Pound for pound, they're more efficient. It's a no brainer why they are suceeding.

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