First Ever International Gathering of Citicars!

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    This past weekend, May 15-17th, 2009 was the first and only ever official gathering of Citicars and Comutacars.


    These street-legal, all electric cars were built in the '70's to early 80's. A total of somewhere around 4000 were made all together.

    Some of the the cars made their way home to meet up in Columbia Maryland, home of Bob Beaumont, the inventor/seller/mastermind behind this adorable electric vehicle.

    The weekend included a "cruise" from the hotel to Bob Beau's house. You should have seen his eyes light up to see so many of these little cars still on the road. His family got plenty of photos with the orange car belonging to my friend, Rich.


    The weekend also had a plastics repair workshop. (The bodies of these cars are plastic, just like on a Saturn!)

    We had a presentation by the Bobs - Beaumont, Stone, and Rice - all of who were involved in the production of the Citicars.

    We also did a group outing to a Chinese restaurant and took over the Lion's Meeting Room for the whole evening!

    "Unofficial" events included drag-racing, laps, and even testing out an electric motorcycle that showed up.

    It was a truely unique experience.

    I knew things were going well when people starting talking about what we would do next year. Everyone liked it so much, we are now talking about doing it as an annual event.

    Here's a video of the Ride to Bob's.

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