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Discussion in 'Subaru' started by fuzzy, Apr 17, 2009.

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    So far, I haven't been participating in the Mileage Logs section of this site. Until I do, here is a graph on my Subaru's FE over its entire life, since early 1997:

    The ragged blue displays every tank FE. The yellow line is a 10-tank weighted average, the best I could do with simple Excel equations. Red ticks are ~Jan 1 of each year, to highlight the seasonal variation. Just in case anyone can't guess the point where I installed a ScanGauge-II and started hypermiling :D, it is marked. I slacked off this winter, but still did as well as summers a few years back.

    The spike at 103k miles was several tanks in and around Yellowstone National Park. With typical speeds of 35 in the park, under 45 on a couple runs to Beartooth Pass, and elevations of 6000 feet and higher, FE conditions were wonderful. I'd like to try it again, now with some knowledge of HM.

    -- Dean
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    Interesting idea correlating FE and mileage... I smell a new chart in my current spreadsheet:woot:

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