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    Under part-throttle conditions, the breathing must be restricted in order to keep the engine from running away with excess power. That is what the throttle valve does. Helping the motor breathe doesn't do any good whatsoever until you have already set the throttle wide open, i.e. full power. Most of us don't drive in that condition very often, especially when pushing for fuel economy.

    Part throttle efficiency is hampered by pumping loss, and warm air helps reduce that loss a bit.

    Here is one thread on the subject.. There should be several others floating around here.
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    Very interesting stuff - I see the point of partial throttle/restricted air intake and warm vs cold air for fuel efficiency/power output. The physics side of the argument make good sense, however for my own stubborn sense of satisfaction I think I will leave the intake as is (without the heatshield installed - I haven't made it yet anyway) and see what happens. I didn't throw away the original air filter housing so I can put it back if it doesn't work out.
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    Well, I figure it's time for an update - allot has happened to the blazer for the better and it's thanks to the members of this forum for the advice and encouragement they have given - THANK YOU!

    Since I joined the blazer has gotten a pile of new parts and a host of repairs/improvements. Changed engine oil and filter (royal purple 5w30), replace idler arm, replaced front sway bar bushings, disconnected a/c compressor (bad controller would not shut off), increased tire pressure from 32psi to 44 front and 48 rear, removed roof rack, removed trailer hitch, installed (luke) warm air intake, changed front and rear differential fluid (royal purple 80w90), changed transfer case fluid (royal purple max atf) replaced pittman arm, replaced front sway bar links, replaced right front upper ball jooint, performed 4 wheel alignment (0 degree front toe and 0 degree front camber for minimum rolling resistance), lowered front end 1" (adjusted torsion bars), and last but not least installed 3M stoneguard upper grill block - SEE THE PICS IN GALLERY!

    And the results - - - -

    When I first got the truck I was averaging 15.5 mpg
    My first tank after joining cleanmpg (tire psi up and me slow down) 19.33mpg

    My latest tank 22.47mpg

    Thats a 68% increase in my fe thanks to all of you! Anyway I have decided to make 27.77mpg per tank my goal which would give me 158.68% of epa combined - and a HALF A KILOTANK! Any suggestions (besides a sg and a clinic - I'm working on making at least the clinic happen) for what to do next?
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    Impressive improvements! If you get the scangauge and the clinic you'll be hitting better than 25-28mpg for sure.

    You could try the WAI for another mod. Best of luck. :D - Dale
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    Dangit, I knew I was leaving something off the list - just couldn't remember what. Installed (luke) warm intake on the same day I took off the roof rack and the trailer hitch. It's not really a full WAI but it does pull air from right next to the radiator without a heat shield.
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    Way to go nervous! Doesn't it feel good to improve so much?

    Sgii is certainly the way to go. It will teach you so much about your vehicle. Moment by moment feedback is priceless.

    Oh yeah, one of the best mods is the clock. Leaving early allows for lower speeds and the cpacity to manage traffic curveballs (back-up-, accidents, etc.).

    Keep up the goo work, and keep posting your successes and setbacks.

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