Hyundai introduces Nuvis hybrid concept at New York show

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    [​IMG] The Nuvis features Hyundai's hybrid Blue Drive system.

    [XFLOAT=RIGHT][/XFLOAT]Jonathan Wong - AutoWeek - April 9, 2009

    That is one funky looking exterior. --Ed.

    Hyundai rolled out the Nuvis, the 11th concept car from its California Design Center in Irvine, at the New York auto show. Representing a possible design direction for the company's future crossovers, the Nuvis is described by Hyundai as a combination of a tall urban car and a premium utility vehicle.

    With the goal of creating the illusion of constant motion, designers borrowed inspiration from the way water flowed around the hull of a boat and shapes created by wind on snowdrifts when penning the Nuvis's exterior.

    Other sleek details include a blue acrylic grille, gullwing doors and what appears to be a floating roof thanks to the use of lots of glass and hidden pillars.

    The blue acrylic theme of the grille is carried into the interior with a blue center stack and blue ambient lighting. In a nod to the environment, the four seats are covered in eco-friendly fabrics made from recycled soda bottles. A Methode Electronics TouchSense system is equipped to feed passengers a constant stream of information from... [RM][/RM]
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    I like it! Gull wing doors are always a fan favorite. Interested in some tests to see mileage tho.

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