NPR story - Plug in Hybrids/Hypermilers

Discussion in 'PHEV or Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle' started by kingcommute, Apr 2, 2009.

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    I heard it to. Wish they'd let me have one of 'em for a month....
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    Hi Kingcommute:

    ___That was a very nice find!

    ___I wish the PHEV converters would own up to the fact the conversions are currently not a good fit unless the driver is trained and the vehicle is hacked.

    ___The promise of 100 to 150 mpg has been bunk for some time but I do want to add that Jay's discovery about WS down the highway makes all the difference in huge numbers out there. His ability to remove the Warm-up hit with the coolant temp hack was genius as well. Add the two together and the PHEV promise is being realized.

    ___Driving Toyota's OEM PHEV assures the same albeit shorter distances. 62 mph EV and Glides along with no coolant temp and what may have been a bit more torque available for accelerations. Its problem is the 2.6 kWh of pack to play with.

    ___When the Prius-III goes PHEV, I believe this will work much better as it should be about a 4kWh pack (12 miles of AER w/ maybe 60% SoC range). I am hoping anyway?

    ___The Volt's solution is by far the most robust and with the latest rumored $ cost for the 16kWh pack ($9K), this thing should come in around the low 30's. Never mind all the $40K non-sense. Now that is a PHEV we can love :) If GM survives long enough to launch it.

    ___Dump Saab, Opel, Hummer and start a hybrid only company using Saturn or an all-new name plate to remove the GM stigma and it just might work?

    ___Ok, I will get off my soap box and thank you again for a great find ;)

    ___Good Luck

  4. kingcommute

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    I was kinda proud while listening to the story - they didn't demean the hypermiling practice at all - save for some comment about hypermiling message boards being full of "snarky" comments about this or that. We can be a snarky lot though.....

    I like the fact that they focused in a lot on how much of a difference driving habits can make. Leave it to NPR - one fairly consistent voice of reason in a media landscape full of hyperbole and spin. Glad I remembered to go looking for the story once I got to work.

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    EXACTLY!! :thumbs_up:

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