Hyundai to go ahead with eco cars

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    [​IMG] "The technology has been perfectly proved, but we need time to set up the infrastructure for the models."

    [XFLOAT=RIGHT][/XFLOAT]Cheon Jong-woo - Reuters - April 2, 2009

    Keep an eye on these guys. --Ed.

    GOYANG, South Korea - Hyundai Motor Group, the world's No. 5 automaker, will go ahead with plans to develop environment-friendly cars despite the segment's low profitability and an industry downturn, a senior executive said on Thursday.

    Yang Woong-chul, president of the group's auto research & development division, also said the group saw almost "no problem" to its business from the won currency's recovery trend. A weaker won has helped Hyundai and other South Korean automakers by enhancing price competitiveness and boosting profits from overseas markets.

    "It is difficult to get profits from those kinds of cars. But we have to go that way eventually so will go ahead with our eco-friendly model plans," Yang said in an interview with Reuters on the sidelines of the Seoul Motor Show.

    The group usually allocates 5 percent of sales for R&D and spends 20-30 percent of that budget on environment-friendly models such as hybrid cars, said Yang, who is in charge of... [RM][/RM]
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    Will these come to the US? I like these guys, they have great warranties!!

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