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Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by greenrider, Mar 31, 2009.

  1. greenrider

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    Not to knock dealers as I did in my lst post. My Insight got hijacked for a week or so, and I'm still little cynical as a result.

    As for comparison, I think I'm still unfairly swayed by the new-car smell of the Insight II:), or I'm getting high from the Scotchguard fumes. The Insight is more flexible due to it's hatchback. I also expect that it will experience far fewer recals on the IMA battery than the HCH due to the Insight's lower, and thus cooler, positioning of the IMA battery.

    Overall, I like the CVT in the Insight better. I have to agree with your assessment of the HCH II CVT after owning one for just under 41K miles now. Even though I've changed to CVT fliud x2 once and x1 again last year, I'm still no entirely sold on it. The Insight II does have improved performance over the HCH II, perhaps b/c of aerodynamics, or just that it's new? There isn't that much of a weight difference between the two, but the Civic feels notably more sluggish. Also, I've taken a mileage hit since putting Nokian WR-G2s on to replace the Dunlops ~4K ago. My mileage with the HCH is running in the low 40s since with the tires ar 45 psi.

    The Insight's mileage has improved notably since pumping up the tire pressure. It's only got about 650 miles on it but I did manage to steal it away for a drive to work and back (55 miles RT) the other day. I like the ambient lighting prompts in the speedometer, but I'm still getting used to the somewhat busy dash. For whatever reason, I just can't get the seat and wheel positioned as comfortably as my HCH II, which is overall more comfortable for me, at least. As I said, the CVT is definitely improved, and I got surprisingly good mileage experimenting the the 7-speed shifter for a short period. My city mileage was significantly improved with the Insight over my HCH II (47 mpg on a less than 10 mile errand run, from a cold start, in high 50's temps).

    The tires on the I-II are the same awful Dunlops that came with the HCH. My wife says they are better in the rain than Civic's were, but I'm still skeptical :eyebrow:. My overall mileage on that trip was between 49 and 50 while using the ECO assist and without trying too hard. In my experience, the ECO assist's modification of the operating perameters and the speedometer plays an intergal role in the mpg gains. It handles well like a typical Honda, but it's obviously not an S2000. Compared to your Mazda 3, I'm sure either would be lacking in performance and handling. I've never owned a higher-performing vehicle, so I've got no point of comparison.

    Since it is my wife's daily driver, I haven't gotten to drive it all that much yet. Was it worth paying closer to sticker than invoice? Hard to say. We were over the barrel due to the lease, otherwise I'm never usually the first guy on the block with the new toy simply because I'm not willing to pay the premium. The Insight wins in stop/go and congested driving. Mileage comparisons are hard b/c of the new tires on the Civic, but I still think the Insight wins even when compared to the original Dunlops on the HCH.

    If a prospective buyer could get a deal like yours at a few hundred $$ over invoice I'd encourage them to consider it. Depending on a buyer's specific needs or wants, the HCH is also a great contender.

    If I have any "insights" as I drive the car more, I'll post them.
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    Hi Jeff;

    I have a review and comparison between the 2010 Insight and the HCH-II coming up soon (been kind of busy lately). I agree with Wayne in that the Insight is a car with excellent versatility and also very competent in the FE side of things.

    How do the two compare, well let's just say the review will have a lot of details. In the meantime, I have this simple video from the test unit I had and a summary of the FE I got.
    (You may want to play it in High Definition to see some of the detail)



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  3. psyshack

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    Thought he owned both.
  4. greenrider

    greenrider Well-Known Member

    I actually do, and I've been happy with both (despite the lacking CVT in the HCH II). MSantos is clearly more knowledgeable than me about the fine details of both vehicles. I'll simply give my overall impressions so far.

    I should also add that I'll take an Insight II any day over an HCH at night. After driving a night with both cars the last few evenings, the projector beam lights on the Insight are and night-and-day improvement (no pun intended) over the reflectors in the Civic.
  5. Kacey Green

    Kacey Green Well-Known Member

    :D Don't laugh at me, I wanted it and I wanted it NOW, being first on the block with one meant nothing to me, though I was, in my area. :D
  6. msantos

    msantos Eco Accelerometrist

    Hi Mike;

    It is funny that you mention that, because that is exactly the impression I got from the 2010 Insight (EX) with projector headlights. In fact, I liked them so much that I ended up looking for projector headlights for the HCH-II and ... I found them. :D


    I am in the process of obtaining specs from Anzo and other manufacturers and depending on a few factors... who knows ;)


  7. Kacey Green

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    Manuel, keep me in the loop on this one, it is one of the few Prius features I'm currently suffering withdrawals with (bring back my HIDs on the HCHIII :mad:).
  8. Magikhat

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    I payed full price and I had to pay for the floor mats because they said my trade in was losing them money..
    It was only $150 but it seems stupid to have to pay for them.. At least I got the all weather floor mats.. not the cloth ones that get ruined in a week.
    This is just a lease anyway so no big deal
    the offer was 199 a month with 0 down.. but my car I owed like $14000 and the trade in value was only like 11 something.. so I had to put 1200 down and roll the rest into the lease.. Also purchased the extra 15000 service agreement which gave me warranty up to 45,000 miles and 9 free oil changes, road side assistance.. etc which bumped me up to $362 a month.. Not bad as my old subaru I was paying $351 a month.. only getting 20-25mpg

    I will try to do better on my next lease.. The insight was an impulse buy.
    My wife told me about it.. I test drove it once.. then we bought it a couple hours later
    Hopefully in 3 years when my lease is up they will have better batteries and better technology.

    The color options at my dealership were white or red.. so I got the white
    THey said the insight sales have not been too good.. the one I bought was on the showroom floor for 6 months.
  9. sidfreak

    sidfreak Well-Known Member

    Hmmm....i guess i got a killer deal, but i went in ready to buy 2 vehicles. Got the wife a civic coupe and myself, i got the insight 2 lx package for like 1800 under sticker. Good luck.:flag:
  10. sidfreak

    sidfreak Well-Known Member

  11. xcel

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    Hi Sidfreak:

    ___Li-Ion’s in an Insight-II or any IMA based Honda will not help their FE.

    ___That said, Butterfly Mage is the person to follow regarding Insight-II pricing as he purchased his for $17K. Not sure if there are regions still offering this $2K under the table to dealerships but if so, at least you have a target. An HI-II LX at $17K is a very good deal imho.

    ___Good Luck

  12. rhin0923

    rhin0923 New Member

    Just bought a 2012 EX last night. Terry Lee Honda. Great experience. They led off with a solid offer. 21420. Invoice is 21,706. Pretty pleased with this to say the least. No haggle needed.

    Milton Echegaray was my sales person. Very easy to work with. No tactics applied whatsoever.

    Happy to report 63.4 displayed mpg on the 47.4 mile trip home!
  13. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Rhin0923:

    Excellent results indeed. And a good price too!


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