2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid/ Test Drive

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    2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid

    Blog entry: September 08, 2006, 6:00 am | Author: CAROLYN PAVIA-RAUCHMANN

    AS-TESTED PRICE: $29,389
    POWERTRAIN: 2.4-liter I4 w/ Hybrid Synergy Drive; fwd, electronic continuous variable trans
    OUTPUT: 147 @ 6000, (electric) 140-hp @ 4500, 187 hp net; 138 lb-ft @ 4400, (electric) 199 lb-ft max
    CURB WEIGHT: 3637 lbs
    FUEL ECONOMY (EPA combined): 39.1


    [​IMG][​IMG]From the minute I got into the Hybrid I was fascinated by the gas gauge. Make that the needle on the gas gauge. And as I drove home and then back to work after the first night I had the Camry, I grew ever more fascinated by the fact that the needle never moved.

    And later that day, Thursday, I went home from work with a four-day weekend ahead of me and a full tank of gas. Not that I drove around that much. No long-weekend plans for me, at least not any that involved a highway.

    I knew I only had neighborhood tasks planned for my mini holiday. A doctor’s visit a few suburbs away. Lunch and shopping with my daughter. Picking up food from the market. And I knew I wouldn’t be going to the gas station.

    With the needle solidly on F, I checked the odo, and was surprised to see that the trip was already recording 75 miles. Solid F? Hmm. And all weekend long, during each small trip around my neighborhood, I checked.... still solid.... Sitting at a railroad crossing, watching a train going back and forth as if it couldn’t make up its mind, the car went into its shutdown mode, and I checked again. Solid F. Finally, by the time I returned to work on Tuesday, after I had added only another 100 miles or so, the needle now was only slightly below the F. I think that’s pretty dang impressive.

    Now a hybrid that operates the way the Camry does, with regenerative braking, is not ideal for every driving situation. If someone is driving long distances, mostly highway miles with very little stopping and starting, they might not see the kind of return I was seeing. But my commute to work is one of the shortest at AutoWeek. I’m only on the road about 20 minutes, and on the expressway for only about 12 miles.

    I’ve seen the needle drop in the sporty cars and luxury sedans and SUVs... even when all I’ve done is driven home and back to work the next day. But a long weekend without a trip to the gas station makes it a real holiday. And the Camry Hybrid would offer plenty such holidays.


    Cheryl BlahnikA couple of additional notes: The Camry has a very roomy interior. Lots of legroom for the front passenger and the rear-seat riders, as well. And the car is good-looking at the curb.

    It’s got all the bells and whistles, including satellite radio and heated front seats. It has a roomy enough trunk, but you are missing a little space there, due to the battery location.

    I found the Camry had decent acceleration, although I could feel a moment of lag when I first stepped on the throttle. But, boy is this thing quiet. My idea of fun over the weekend was to have friends listen as I started the car. http://www.magatopia.com/magazines/AutoWeek.html?page=auto.html

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