Hyundai hybrid may hit roads in 2nd half of the year

Discussion in 'Hyundai' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Feb 27, 2009.

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    [​IMG] Hyundai plans to use a new lithium polymer battery that is said to be small, light and durable.

    [XFLOAT=LEFT][/XFLOAT]Samuel Ee - AsiaOne Motoring - Feb. 27, 2009

    Hyundai makes a good, if low tech vehicle. I'm excited to see how this will work out! --Ed.

    KOMOCO Motors may unveil a hybrid version of one of its Hyundai models in the second half of 2009, making the Korean brand only the third to offer a petrol-electric car.

    At present, only Toyota and Honda make hybrid cars. Honda has one model, the Civic Hybrid, while Toyota has the Prius and RX450h, GS450h and LS600h from its Lexus luxury division.

    Hyundai is working on hybrid versions of its Sonata and Avante sedans, which are expected to hit the roads this year. Authorised distributor Komoco says it has not decided yet which one it will make available in Singapore.

    But one thing is for sure - the sophisticated hybrid technology will make these variants more expensive than their conventional petrol-engine peers.

    'The ballpark open market value (OMV) will be about 10 per cent higher,' says Komoco managing director Teo Hock Seng.

    Hybrid cars have significantly improved fuel economy over conventional cars because their petrol engine is assisted by an electric motor.

    The hybrid car's kinetic energy, which is otherwise wasted during braking or decelerating, is recovered and converted into electrical energy and stored in... [RM][/RM]
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    Cool! Good news. I hope they have upgraded the engines themselves. With that one reservation, I'm looking forward to these. I really didn't expect them so soon.
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    Put. It. In. The. Accent.

    That is all ;).
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    In the accent Insight drivers would have some serious competition :)...

    That makes me wonder what a hybrid fiesta could do if Ford throws a hybrid in there which I'm speculating they will.:eek:
  5. Right Lane Cruiser

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    I'm not so sure. Lean burn is hard to beat... and so is 1880lbs. ;)
  6. xcel

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    Hi Ricardo:

    ___Look at our coverage of the Lincoln C concept's 1.6L ICE with EcoBoost for an idea as to what the 2010 Ford Fiesta will do w/out hybridization ;)

    ___Good Luck

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    Their reps said it was a long way off in Detroit, unless they define long the way that an electronics buff does rather than the way car guys do.

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