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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Bendmac, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. Bendmac

    Bendmac Bendmac

    Hello from Central owner of an '06 FEH and have been exploring some of the hybrid sites...some I can take, most I can leave. Looks like Clean MPG will be a keeper!:cool:
  2. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Bendmac:

    ___Welcome to CleanMPG! If you are interested in pushing the FE envelope, you came to the right place. If you are interested in learning about your hybrid, we can help as well ;) We are a bit on the thin side but steadily opening up the doors to more and more members. We will be lighting up more features in the near future as well so stay tuned. Don’t forget to post some pics of your 06 Escape HEV in the gallery as everyone needs a place to park and show off their ride!

    ___In due time, we can help you decipher the in’s and out’s of the “Low Gear Advantage” and to set you up for a strong FAS inside of a P&G technique when cruising in a “slow and go” around town/suburban driving scenario. Don’t let the acronyms scare you. You will be Hypermiler qualified in short order with the band of brothers we have hanging around these parts nowadays ;)

    ___Finally, how did you hear about CleanMPG?

    ___Good Luck and we will see you in the forums.

  3. tigerhonaker

    tigerhonaker Platinum Contributor

    Junior Member;

    Welcome to the Forum. :D So your from Oregon and just got yourself a New FEH.

    Sounds like we should say to you here and now, Congrats !!! :cool:

    Look forward to seeing those Pics of your new ride.

    Here's some of mine:
    Pick my New ride up at 12:00 Noon Today.:)


  4. tbaleno

    tbaleno Well-Known Member

    Welcome to CleanMPG! How did you hear about CleanMPG? We just recently launched the site and want to gear it towards what the community wants. What would you like out of this site?
  5. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Welcome to CleanMPG!
  6. psyshack

    psyshack He who posts articles


    There are some true masters of the art here.;)

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