Hypermilers complete new Guinness verified World Record at 68.54mpg (US)!

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Right Lane Cruiser, Dec 4, 2008.

  1. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    This is a great achievement. I know Wayne was hoping for mid 60's with two aboard, so in effect they beat their own expectations - with three aboard.

    Hopefully Guinness will accept this as a record and there will not be any technicalities.

    I agree, it might be beaten in summer or in an Insight II, but I doubt it will be beaten by the 11% they managed over the previous record.

    Great point Kacey, if Honda is smart (and my impression is that they are and that they just love this engineering stuff) they'll be examining the logger, any ECU adaptive parameters, and the car very carefully.
  2. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    Way back in the early '70's (ahem), the 3 cylinder 2-stroke Saabs had a sprag clutch in the drivetrain which disengaged the engine when coasting. There was a lever (on the firewall as I recall) which allowed you to select freewheeling vs no freewheeling. A 2-stroke engine doesn't give much engine braking so the difference in engine braking was not as great as it would be with 4-stroke modern cars. I drove one and tried it both ways.

    But FAS would be even better, especially with automatic startup when the car is put into gear or when the brake boost vac drops too low (better yet, electric brake boost vac pump!).

    With a non-hybrid it would be good to have a larger (higher voltage?) battery to make restarts instantaneous. It would probably be a CVT so bump starting would not be an option.
  3. Nikki

    Nikki Well-Known Member

    Wayne, Jennie, & Justin,

    Well done and congrats to you all!
  4. rdprice64

    rdprice64 Still Learning

    Incredible, simply incredible!

    Congratulations to the drivers and all who helped
    - Rob
  5. Showbizk

    Showbizk Well-Known Member

    All three and all who helped and supported you deserve praise and congratulations. Now we need to be sure this gets publicized in the MSM. I like the idea of a book as well; why not just self-publish? There are all sorts of online possibilities.
  6. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    I wasn't meaning to imply rubbing it in. I would have visited thier site and told them about it if I could come up with a way to say it w/o sounding like a jerk.
  7. ericbecky

    ericbecky Member

    Congrats everyone.
    I look forward to hearing more about it!
  8. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    A huge congratulations to Justin, Wayne and Jennie! I'm so proud of you all.

    I've been under the weather recently and have a lot to catch up with.
  9. WriConsult

    WriConsult Super Moderator

    Sorry if this is a dumb question that's already been answered, but has someone at cleanmpg actually issued a formal press release on this?
  10. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    They really deserve far more press coverage than just the Austin article.

    It's too bad this had to happen when oil is hitting $42/bbl.
  11. PaleMelanesian

    PaleMelanesian Beat the System Staff Member

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  12. nissynis

    nissynis NC Attorney

    Congratulations, team. Blew it outta the water. And the ice.
  13. Dan

    Dan KiloTanked in post 153451

    Great Job guys.

  14. atlaw4u

    atlaw4u Well-Known Member

    Great work team CleanMPG. Anyone considering a redo in warmer weather next year?
  15. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    I have concidered doing an I-90 run (the longest interstate in the US). But, I don't have the skills or time or anything else I would need for the trip for that matter.
  16. Taliesin

    Taliesin Well-Known Member

    A route 66 run might be better. Lower PSLs and a fairly long trip.
  17. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    The "data logger" as such is certainly not going to hold an entire
    trip's worth of data. It is more likely to hold the five seconds
    before the crash that they weren't about to have! And the
    learned fuel map tweaks and such are probably not much use to
    Honda -- they pretty much know how the engine runs, and the
    maps are more to adapt to engine and injector differences with
    *maybe* a small longterm influence from driving style. I'm sure
    they already know what it'll look like.
    On the other hand, less engine wear overall might be something
    to look at, but probably takes more than 10K on the car to show
    a discernible difference...
    Great run, folks, you're an inspiration to all of us who are
    jonesing for more roadtrips ourselves.
  18. hansonclan

    hansonclan Member

    Ok Wayne - that's enough rest. Time to write a full report.
  19. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    From yesterday's call, Wayne hopes to be home in the next six hours
  20. efusco

    efusco He who posts articles

    You know, a spring/summer run is a good idea...right after the Prius III is released this spring...esp. if you can get Toyota to sponsor it like Honda did this one. Gotta think it will be capable of shattering the Civic II numbers.

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