A Hybrid Owner’s winter survival guide

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  1. Mendel Leisk

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    Theres's some discussion in earlier pages regarding which portions of the HCHII grill to block first. We're in the temperate west coast region, and have had a very mild winter to date. The lawn is getting gangly, flowers and trees are sprouting, etcetera. No sign of snow, and not much on the local mountains, where something's been going on for the last few days...

    Anyway, with the moderate temperatures I've only been grill blocking the lowest row on our bumper. Our block heater plug has just developed a break, so I rewired it with a new plug. In the process I pulled out the grill block.

    Since the block heater cord is routing out through the lowest grill row, I decided to try blocking the upper grill row for a change, the openings just under the hood front edge.

    My first impression is that it's at least equally effective during driving, but better at retaining heat if you're parked for a while, since it more effectively traps warm air in the engine bay.
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    My parents' new puppy decided it was time to remove the last 50% of lower grill blocking from my Gen3 Prius. Permanently.

    Guess I'll have to use the 50% previously removed to redo the lowest two openings on my short commute for the summer. New blocking rule: 0% when visiting homes with puppies on the loose.
  3. Mendel Leisk

    Mendel Leisk 2010 Prius (CAN Touring) Staff Member

    Tried some velcro strips for securing styrofoam pipe insulation. For a full width tube one strip towards each end works fine. I made a point of having close to 2" of overlap, and ensure the end of the strip tucks in behind the grill slat a bit. It's a little "friendlier" than zip ties I think, in that you can install/remove/reuse it easier. Here's the stuff I used:

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    ****in sweet article, may i ask if the hypermiling podcast will be back?
  5. xcel

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    Hi dmafanp:

    I guess there was not much uptake when we did them unfortunately. Kacey found greener pastures as did Manuel. We had some good stuff to talk about too ;)

  6. Mountain Driver

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    Brought up another old thread. This one is priceless for us folk in the cold zone.

    I ran across this one just after buying my Insight last year, and was browsing cleanmpg. I've made mention several times on Insightcentral.net (IC) about this info on winter prep and have suggested to many on IC to have a look here for ideas on cold weather tips.

    Manuel posted some very valuable info, sorry to see he moved on.

    The first link below goes to an IC thread about grill blocks. My pic is post #12 on page 2. You can see how other folk have had some success.

    The lower block nets me about 3-5 more mpg that were lost due to cold weather.

    The 2nd link also to IC is in a very long thread about radiator blocking vs mpg.

    Manuel talked about engine coolant temp (and RISKS if not monitored). I put in an adjustable device (a very crude one) to help me with coolant temp (ect). My posts and pics are post #'s 270 & 271 on pages 27 & 28. Also visible is the warm air mod (also adjustable and crude) to aid in boosting inlet air temp (iat). The rad block nets another 3 mpg or so, and the IAT mod allows some help with another variable and seems to allow me more consistent mpg averages.

    Thanks to MSantos for some great ideas on how to minimize the winter weather mpg hit.

    Anyone in the cold zone have some mods that are helping them?



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