Honda’s hydrogen car is smooth but has hindrances

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    It offers quiet, steady acceleration, high torque and a 280-mile range.

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    The Honda FCX Clarity

    Certainly impressive, but could we have the car with a different generator? -- Ed.

    Washington — For years, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have been the far-off technological bets of the auto industry — the car that holds the promise of gasoline-free driving.

    Honda Motor Co. is starting to give a small number of drivers a glimpse into the future.

    The Honda FCX Clarity debuted in July, and the automaker is leasing about 200 of the cars to customers in Southern California during the next three years. Tens of thousands of car enthusiasts have applied to be among the first to lease — and for good reason.

    Stylish and smooth, the Clarity opens a window into the possible: the combination of environmental responsibility and zero emissions with a fun, hip ride. If only refueling was a matter of pulling into the nearest filling station.

    The Clarity is emerging at a difficult stretch for the auto industry, a year in which sales have been choked by a battered economy and a major credit crunch. So it might be easy to shrug it off as another advanced vehicle relegated to auto shows and the garages of the super rich.

    As with any hydrogen car, there are caveats galore. Finding a hydrogen fueling station can be like getting a car loan with lousy credit these days. And most hydrogen is extracted from natural gas, releasing carbon dioxide and undercutting the emissions-free argument.

    Honda’s marketing of the car may also draw some skepticism. The company is offering three-year… [rm][/rm]

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