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  1. Is this the current list of Prius kilotanks? Anyone I didn't add? A coworker just got a used prius and I won't to show her what some people have done.

    1007 miles @ 86.6 mpg fcd

    1021 miles @ 85.8 mpg
    1023 miles @ 85.9 mpg fcd

    1184 miles @ 91.7 mpg calc (7/13/09)
    1100.7 miles@ 90.967 MPG (06/15/09)
    1017 miles @ 88.3 MPG (5/16/09)
    1143 miles @ 92.1 mpg calc (8/09/08)
    1069 miles @ 86.2 mpg calc (6/20/08)
    1056 miles @ 86.8 mpg calc (10/10/07)
    1001 miles @ 83.1 mpg calc (8/16/07)

    1051 miles @ 87.3 mpg fcd

    1101 miles @ 91.2 mpg fcd

    1003 miles @ 84.4 mpg fcd

    Aether glider:
    1002 miles @ 83.7 mpg fcd

    Kroushl, Bassage, Gerdes, Reece, Barlow
    1397 miles @ 110 mpg

    teddy-girl (japan):
    1455.9 miles @ 112.2 mpg calc

    Earliest (documented) flashing pip : 875 miles

    Latest documented kilotank: 10/10/07 (DiamondLarry)
    Most kilotanks: 7 (DiamondLarry)
    Longest Distance: Teddy-girl (1455.9 miles)
    Longest distance bladder tank prius : 1397 miles (Kroushl, Bassage, Gerdes, Reece, Barlow)
    Longest distance single driver : 1184 miles (Diamond Larry)
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  3. added, thanks.

    I was looking at other fuel economy websites and can't find any with members that have 1K tanks.
    I found some reports of Japanese that do it regularly but can't find any pics of the feat.
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    Here's the post:
    Sorry I've been laying so low lately... Think I'll go back to my cave... later guys.

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  5. Fixed
    Thanks Dan
    Nice tank!!
  6. Dan

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    opps... it was 91.2 not 92.1... I've corrected.
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    Some at the other site are convinced that regen braking is the main reason for the Prius fuel economy. Thing is, those getting 40 mpg say that, and those getting 70 mpg say "Prius has braking?"
  10. msantos

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    So very, VERY True !!!!! :(

    Its too bad that attitude is still quite alive and well at that "other site", while exemplary driving behavior is often mocked and reduced to the series of sad episodes some of us still remember so well. :ccry:


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    Hi KS:

    And there are many here at CleanMPG that get 80 + around town and 65 + on the highway too :) The real difference is we applaud green driving (following the PSL seems to be almost taboo at every other green car site on the net unfortunately :(), green lifestyles and every green car, truck or motorcycle whether it runs on gasoline, diesel, CNG, H2 or electricity. I hope we never get to the point where we are limited to any one given green car but if we are, I will do my best to make sure those that drive it will know how to achieve the most from it. A lot of other sites conveniently forgot where they learned what the Prius-I, -II and -III can do when it comes to high FE :(

    Good Luck

  12. 2009PriusChat

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    Gee I didn't know there is this, how to say, mild animosity?, among the online forums. Personally I have changed from "driving as fast as the car could handle" to "following the PSL" since I got my Prius. I no longer worry about getting a speeding ticket but do have to glance the rear view mirror frequently to try to minimize the risk of being rear ended. Ridge riding is difficult since there are many drain depressions and other debris (rocks, tree branches, nails, screws :eek:) on the side of the road.
  13. diamondlarry

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    I guess I qualify as one of the "many" seeing how I've had strings of 90+mpg days lasting 40 or more days and highway trips of 70+mpg.:D
  14. JimboK

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    I wouldn't say there is animosity among "the forums" and it's not the "site" that's hostile. It is certain members. For example, a few PC members dismiss hypermiling completely (they're happy with 40 MPG in their Prius), whereas others work to improve fuel economy but are critical of certain techniques and even of the word "hypermiling" -- even though they, by the definition of the word, are hypermiling. And of course there are the Prius fanboys that tend to dismiss the idea that, consistent with the CleanMPG mission, we can save fuel regardless of our vehicles. (Well, that is unless walking or biking is our mode of transportation.)

    On the other hand, there are some PC members that promote hypermiling and offer tips on maximizing fuel mileage when opportunities arise. There is a lot of ignorance out there and I've tried to overcome it when I can and help with driving tips when the targets appear receptive. I also counter the "hypermiling is unsafe" argument when I see it arise. I'm less active now than previously for two reasons: 1) I'm back in school (in addition to working full and part time) and I simply don't have the time I previously had, and 2) Much of the discussion there these days is on the GIII Prius which, though similar, has some differences, and I won't offer advice on a car I've never driven.

    A site that large is bound to have viewpoints all across the spectrum.
  15. msirach

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    Very well put Jim. I also tend to offer the opinion that the 40mpg/80mph crowd is at least driving something that is getting them at least double the mpg they were getting in their previous cars.
  16. JimboK

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    Thanks, Mike. I got to thinking after my previous post, however, of a certain generic hybrid site about which one could argue hostility on the part of the site because of the moderators' attitudes. I'm among those who don't frequent it anymore, and it's been so long since I've been there I didn't think about it at first.
  17. msirach

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    I think all of us open minded dedicated hypermilers know the very site you're speaking of and have the same opinion.:D
  18. 2009PriusChat

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    Hi Jim, Thanks for the helpful comments! :)

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