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Discussion in 'Toyota' started by dcoyne78, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. dcoyne78

    dcoyne78 Well-Known Member

    Hi Toyota owners,

    Is anyone nailing 99.9 mpg segments in their Prius, Highlander, or Camry? I am only familiar with the Prius and not so much the HiHy or CamHy. Today I pulled off my first longish (47.8 miles) segment over 90 mpg, at one point I had 5 of 6 bars at 99.9 mpg (I have never managed to peg the bars all the way across). I didn't have a camera with me to record any of this, hopefully I can pull this off in the future with my camera in the car. Note that this was a round trip segment so that there was no net change in elevation. I use the same method to calculate my segment that Wayne Gerdes used when he borrowed Carl's Prius las summer. I only like to reset my mpg when I refill my tank so to figure my mpg for a segment I do the following: suppose I have travelled 200 miles on my current tank and the average mpg reads 50 mpg, I have used 200/50=4 gallons of gas, I write this down and then drive 100 miles and lets say (this is my dream scenario) the avg mpg now reads 60 mpg, now I have used 300/60=5 gallons of gas. So I travelled 100 miles and used 1 gallon so thats 100 mpg. So to please the skeptics I would need a photo of the MFD before and after my segment, today I have no photos so you can discount this if you wish (and the superstars like Wayne, Dan, Steve, Lakedude, Carl, and others can yawn and say, "Is that the best you an do?"). Today I had 268.2 miles on the tank with an average mpg of 64.1 mpg ( 4.184 gal) at the beginning of my segment. At the end 316.0 miles, 67.3 mpg avg (4.695 gal). So I travelled 47.8 miles and used 0.511 gallons of gas which is 93.5 mpg, clearly this is only an approximation, but I am pretty happy. At some point it would be nice to get a scangauge to give me a little better feedback as I drive, anyone know if the scan gauge goes above 99.9 mpg, if not I could use miles/liter so that I can see what I am getting when the prius display is pegged.

  2. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    At HybridFest 2006, krousdb got 99.9mpg and hobbit got 99.2mpg...
  3. diamondlarry

    diamondlarry Super MPG Man/god :D

    The Scanguage does read over 99.9 mpg. There have been times that while I'm in an FAS while going out my driveway that the readout has reached the 170 mpg range. There is one small glitch though. When you get over a certain amount(can't remember what point that is), the mileage only reads in whole numbers; no tenths.:(
  4. Chuck

    Chuck just the messenger

    Possible WorkAround

    For those of you that have ScanGage and a Prius, try going metric. See if you can get LHK (liters/100 km) on your ScanGage.

    To test, do a short segment that uses very little gas until ScanGage gives a reading....

    Liters per 100/km to MPG

    2.35 is 100mpg or better
    2.3 is 102mpg or better
    2.2 is 106.9mpg or better
    2.1 is 112mpg or better
    1.4 is 156.81mpg or better

    1.3 is 168.0149mpg or better
    1.2 is 180.94mpg or better
    1.1 is 196.017mpg or better
    1.0 is 213.84mpg or better

    more conversion, see >
  5. xcel

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    Hi DCoyne:

    ___The SG-I and II do indeed read over 99.9 in the Prius II. Dan and I used a borrowed SG-I from Eric to do a quick and dirty 2 and 4 mile cal (4% under report both times), reset for his challenge and it yielded something like 111.x mpg. With the offset from the previous 2 quick cal’s, 115.x was what he achieved.

    ___I should probably move this into the SG-I/II forum as it would be far more useful for future SG-II/Prius owners to find it ...

    ___WRT the yawn … Dan, Steve, Carl, Lakedude, and especially I am darn proud of what you are achieving. You have one of the best hypermiling automobiles on the planet when in its environment and performing at the level you are is pretty amazing compared to the other 99.9997% of the driving public!

    ___Keep up the great work and let us see some of those beautiful tanks in the CMPG DBase please ;)

    ___Good Luck

  6. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    Heh. I think the only time I've had my MFD solid across is coming
    back off the Blue Ridge last winter. ICE never ran for the entire
    half hour we picked our way down the ice, of course.
    Check the hybridfest "coverage" thread for some of the MFDs as
    they came in from the MPG run. Even though my average was
    showing 99.2 [drifted to 99.3 as I sat there...] there were a
    couple of significant dips showing in the 5-minute bars. Even on
    the rare occasions I've had the same MPG all the way across [long
    flat highway, for instance] the average seems to always read
    higher than the 5-minute bars would imply.
    So what I've figured if I want to reset the MFD for test runs I
    do sort of the opposite of your calculation. Note current miles
    and MPG, reset and test, note miles and MPG afterward [miles
    preferably from one of the tripmeters so it's got tenths]. For
    any segments before doing a reset, calculate miles / MPG
    to get "virtual gallons" burned that segment. Finally, when
    you fill up, add up all the mile chunks and "virtual gallons"
    for the final MPG for the tank. I *think* this works... at this
    point I've written a shell script that does all this for me.
    Around the home stompin' grounds I see maxed 5-minute bars on
    a reasonably regular basis but they're always surrounded by the
    shorter ones. But I think the overall average is doing better
    after coming back from hybridfest. I'm still convinced there's
    a pair of Wayne's dirty underwear hiding somewhere in the car.
  7. xcel

    xcel PZEV, there's nothing like it :) Staff Member

    Hi Hobbit:

    ___Heyyyy ;)

    ___Good Luck

  8. dcoyne78

    dcoyne78 Well-Known Member

    Hey Hobbit,

    When your done with Wayne's shorts, could you send them on to me? This may be just what I need to finally nail a 99.9 segment;) . If someone was thinking tach or vacuum to try for your high speed (40-65 mph) technique which would be better? Thanks.



    I haven't put any tanks in the database because you had mentioned elsewhere that people should be putting in their entire history, I would prefer to show my history since I found out about last August's Prius 2 Marathon (which I didn't find out about until mid-May 2006). My actual lmpg is pretty average (51 mpg)and it is hard to move an average over 44000 miles. My numbers from Greenhybrid only show my tanks since I have gotten serious about FE (although I don't push the car like Lakedude:) ).
    It looks like I won't be getting the scangauge (my wife thinks I'm nuts, but she has held off on the straight jacket so far, I don't think I could steer well with my teeth so I'll have to do with the stock MFD). You had mentioned something about using the Consumption screen to get better feedback than using the energy screen alone, could you explain what you meant? Thanks.

  9. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    You might be referring to the whole "throttle control" bit and my
    attempts to suggest a "sweet spot", spread across threads 915
    and 1224. I've got another edit of that whole writeup coming
    soon. What that was saying was that I was seeing good performance
    at *highway* speed [60ish] by keeping iMPG between 35 and 75
    depending on whether you needed a little more to get over a
    hill or not. The whole framework of that drops lower as speed
    decreases, and I don't have good numbers to suggest..

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