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Discussion in 'Website news & discussions' started by xcel, Oct 24, 2008.

  1. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Thanks, guys! I don't know what to say. :eek:

    I think she is just perfect. :D

    As it happened, since we had to go in for a scheduled induction both of my cars stayed home. My wife insisted on driving herself so she didn't "have to put up with hypermiling!!!" :eek:

    It was an uneventful drive and we settled in for what we thought was going to be a quiet and relaxing evening. No such luck. :( They put her on a drug that was supposed to prepare her for the induction the next morning but it put her into heavy labor instead. It was a tough battle with no ramp up, but 11hrs later our beautiful daughter was born and we couldn't have been happier!

    Our daughter is the most perfect, amazing, fantastic, unbelievable gift either of us could ever have imagined. :)

  2. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    sean, she is beautiful. but all i could think when looking at that lovely photo, sitting here in my chilly kitchen, is PUT SOME SOCKS ON THAT KID! :D
  3. abcdpeterson

    abcdpeterson Well-Known Member

    I assume you were able to stay with your wife during the delivery.

    Birth stories can be interesting for those of us that have experienced it. Watching a woman go through the process is humbling for a guy.

    1st kid we induces. It was supposed to be quick. She went into labor 11 hours later when they decided to take her off the drugs. Then I think it was about 6 hours of labor. I can’t imagine 11 hours of heavy labor.

    2nd kid, wife woke me up and said we need to go now. 2 hours later she gave birth and with no time for pain killers.

    Years ago when they kicked men out of the delivery room….. all I can say is I am glad I was there.
  4. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    My wife was induced and had several hours of labor but she got an epidural. My job was to watch the monitor and tell her when she was having a contraction so she could push.
  5. You said it man. I was in the room when my son was born, to say I helped other than my presence would be a stretch. I was the most scared in that delivery room than any other time in my life. The nurses made me sit down so I wouldn't hurt myself. For me seeing my son born really changed my outlook on life. Absolutely nothing imo compares. It is truly a gift from god.

    now i'm tasked with not being overprotective which is a battle for me.
  6. DebbieKatz

    DebbieKatz ФЕХ Царйца



    Now I *have got to* get that package in the mail :)

    (I have obviously *not* been spending enough time on the computer for anything but work :( :( :( - sorry this is so *late*:()

    P.S. - So when are you going to hypermile her down to Milwaukee? ;)
  7. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Overprotective? Who me? No, that is absolutely NOT a shotgun in my hands. ;)

    Thank you, Debbie! No worries at all about timing -- honest. :)

    I don't think Mama is going to let me take her off to Milwaukee anytime soon, but I'll work on that. ;)
  8. 98CRV

    98CRV Well-Known Member

    As far as overprotective, my first hypermiling occured when I drove my wife and son home from the hospital. I musta been 10 mph under and I couldn't figure out why everybody was driving so fast. Didn't they know I had a newborn in the car?????

    Your daughter super cute, by the way. She will grow very fast. Enjoy every day, even the bad ones.
  9. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    I was the same way when my son was born. I'm not sure I got even close to the speed limit. I was terrified for the first time when driving that day.
  10. ChenZhen

    ChenZhen Dreaded Car Salesman


    Wait a sec. Doesn't that Insight only have 2 seats?
  11. Pierce

    Pierce Well-Known Member

    That's great. God bless your family.
  12. tarabell

    tarabell Well-Known Member

    I missed this! Congratulations on your new names: MOMMY and DADDY !!!!!

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