Right Lane Cruiser had a baby…

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    Well his wife did anyway :)

    [xfloat=left]http://www.cleanmpg.com/photos/data/501/Sean_and_Victoria_News.jpg[/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes – CleanMPG – Oct. 24, 2008

    Sean and Baby Victoria at the Hospital.

    Sean just called and his first baby, a girl named Victoria Rose was born at 02:25 PM CST. 7 lb – 12 oz and 21” long. His wife and the newborn are fine. When we get some pics, I will turn this post into a News item ;)

    Late breaking News

    This just in… A local resident was reported as saying she heard a loud yell from the household and windows shattering afterwards. The apparent commotion came after Sean had asked his wife if they could Hypermile his Honda Insight to the Hospital. Damage to said Honda Insight has yet to be assessed.

    The aftermath…

    Many questions remain as it has been rumored that Sean received just 18 mpg in his 2002 Hyundai Elantra during the mad dash to the Hospital birthing room. It was also reported that his wife broke every bone in Sean’s right foot as she shoved her own left foot into the accelerator pedal. Yet another astonishing moment came when a local citizen confirmed that the Elantra Sean was driving was seen parked in a Face-in near the front doors of the Hospital's entry way. The latest report showed the same Elantra still idling in its parking spot with nobody behind the wheel. Oh the horror :p

    This breaking news has yet to be confirmed or denied by those close to the investigation… :D :D :D

    In all seriousness, mom and the baby are fine and IIRC, Sean and his wife were already at the hospital when labor was induced.

    The new Arrival

    Victoria in her Friday evening best…

    Mom and Baby Victoria being shown off to the world.

    Sean and Baby Victoria – Notice Victoria is smiling after telling Dad thanks for making it to the hospital on time :)

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    :woot::Banane14: CONGRATULATIONS!
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    WooHoo! Glad to hear everything went well. Congratulations to the new parents! Now go get some sleep. ;)
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    I realize that my kids are much older in comparison but, I don't remember much about sleep during those times.:p;)
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    Yea, get it now. He won't be able to get enough in a few days.

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    Congratulations Sean!
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    Congratulations!:d H
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    Woohoo! Congrats!
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    As has been pointed out, congrats!
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    How delightful! Congrats to hubby and wifey.
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    my compliments to the chef :girl:
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    Congratylations. But you will have to watch out for those Victorias. Let me tell you they can be a handfull.
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    Your life just got turned upside down.
    And you will love it.

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    Congrats Sean, now when are we gonna hear the details on the drive to the hospital?

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