CleanMPG Insight-II preview on Dec. 8th – 12th

Discussion in 'Honda Hybrids' started by xcel, Oct 15, 2008.

  1. iamian

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    Have to disagree... ;)

    You offset / replace some gasoline usage with electrical usage.

    x amount of power ( HP if you like ) is needed to move the vehicle. Shifting more to electrical and away from gasoline is a good thing. Especially if you can then get that electricity from a RE source.

    The first step of PHEV IMA improvement is just by the removal / reduction of the needed ICE alternator function... this reduces the amount of gasoline you use per mile just my having to spend less of it to power your electrical systems... which add up pretty quickly.

    The Second step is PHEV IMA systems allow for the assist without the MPG / ICE hit in order to recover the electrical energy.

    The Third is by using additional assist you keep the ICE / gasoline usage to a minimum... getting the system to give you additional assist have been worked out for the Insight-I... I haven't heard about any of the other IMA owners diving into that technical challenge yet.

    Have you seen the UK Insight with ~6kWh of Li batteries and a MIMA system to give extra assist when he wants it?

    There is also Mike D's I think ~3kWh Lead Acid system.

    And at least 3 or 4 people I have read about who have set up additional battery capacity... they have all seen MPG improvements.

    could it be better... of course there is always room for improvement... one of my favorites would be for a clutch to be added between the IMA and the ICE. :D
  2. xcel

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    Hi Iamian:

    ___And none has achieved what the non-modded Insight's have achieved... The extra weight is the killer as the std. Insight is so efficient when not using its electrical output already, it would be a mistake to drag an engine along with the larger pack.

    ___Unless it’s a total EV conversion, additional packs have proven themselves to be a waste of time, effort, energy and cost in the real world.

    ___Good Luck

  3. msantos

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    Hi iamian;

    I'll have to agree with Wayne on this one and I would be very surprised if a commercially available retrofit for IMA systems was ever produced. Barring a significant mechanical change to the car, most engineers I know would certainly balk at the idea.
    While it would be technically possible and with some gains to be had for some, it would be a serious shame, waste of talent and a certain waste of money to do so at a grander scale solely on the account of the mechanical losses alone (however small those may be, even on the Gen 4's) :(


  4. Harold

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    If extra wt. is such a killer, why two passengers during the 48 St. world record? Did that hurt the HCH FE? I would have thought it would, but it did not appear too. These are 5 passenger cars! You could add a pack and restrict youself to 1 passenger only. Just a point!
    Cheers, H
  5. xcel

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    Hi Harold:

    ___About 1 to 2 mpg for each additional passenger in a small engine compact. Less of a hit on the highway and more around town.

    ___The reason for three on the 48-Contiguous state drive was more about rules and logistics as we gave up an mpg or two for it.

    ___IMA's problem wrt a PHEV is it drags the engine along with it and the IMA motor is just a tiny little guy.

    ___As a stand alone solution however, it is the second best overall solution we have available right now and if the price is right ;)

    ___Good Luck

  6. Harold

    Harold Well-Known Member

    Yes and I think the trip must have been more enjoyable as well. Cheers, Hal
  7. KJSatz

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    Well when I asked that I wasn't sure if that would breach the NDA or not to answer. I'm cool waiting, but I hope you have some statements about the interior room in your write-up when you release it, and I personally would megappreciate a comparison to the current-gen Civics' legroom/headroom. Thanks and I am very excited to read the write-up.
  8. fanamingo

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