VW to improve gas mileage.

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    VW to invest in improving gas mileage



    Volkswagen plans to spend $2.38 billion over the next five years to develop and build cars that burn less fuel, said Wolfgang Bernhard, Volkswagen's brand chief.

    "We see that rising fuel prices put our customers in need of more-fuel-efficient vehicles," Bernhard said at the Geneva Motor Show. "We are talking about a completely new world of engine technology."

    VW unveiled a variation on its Polo car called the Polo BlueMotion, which uses 0.13 of a gallon less fuel per 62 miles than the current version of the vehicle. The carmaker will develop BlueMotion versions of Golf and Passat cars, which will also show the same efficiency improvement, Bernhard said.

    VW CEO Bernd Pischetsrieder said at the show that the carmaker is starting a group effort to develop alternative fuel uses and that every future model "will use less fuel than its predecessor." Volkswagen and competitors such as Ford Motor Co. are working to find ways to reduce fuel consumption.

    "We're working on a number of technologies to meet what appears to be an increasing demand for technology which is both CO{-2} friendly and clearly fuel-consumption friendly," said John Fleming, president of Ford Europe. "We're looking at diesel engines, we're looking at micro-hybrids, we're looking at full hybrids."

    Volkswagen will spend the $2.38 billion on new engine and transmission technology. One project under way is an advanced version of Volkswagen's current double-clutch automatic transmission that would burn 14% less fuel than standard manual transmissions.
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    VW seems to be more serious than most automakers on fuel economy overall. They are not without problems (Volkswagen to cut 20,000 workers
    - BBC
    ) European labor cost have them is a situation not unlike GM ( see VW blames Europe for rising costs - BBC )

    VW's profits have also been hurt with EU regulations requiring them to clean up diesels. Their push for increased fuel efficiency may be motivated in part to keep their diesels cleaner.
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    Thanks for the article. I have not seen that one. Looks like they are really serious about FE.

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    Hi Terry:

    ___What concerns me most is that VW is losing its ability to sell TDI’s here in late 06. I am not saying the non-TDI VW’s aren’t good cars or haven’t served their owners well but the TDI’s are the ones that gave the average consumer a choice for much higher FE as well as the ability to run on SVO or Bio.

    ___Good Luck

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    I'm on the same page as you are on this. They are the ones that I drove many times and really was impressed with them I like them alot and they were alot of fun to drive and gave great FE without alot of effort on the driver.


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