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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by Jalen, Sep 21, 2008.

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    Yet Another Newbie! - Colorado Saturn owner

    Yup, another bit of fresh meat trying to save some money by using less gas. Recently traded up from an 86 mazda b2000 where I was getting about 28mpg average, to my 2002 Saturn SL.

    So far I've been having a good time of it with the saturn, one of the last with the plastic body pannels and light frame with a good 4i engine. Always found Sticks easier to manipulate when it came to fuel consumption, though this one is a bit harder to tweek, being computerized and injected.

    All the fuel here in Colorado is e10 most of the year, at least around the Denver area. Emissions, or so they claim. Used to be they only put it in during the winter months, now it seems to be at all times. We also seem to have lower octane ratings than the rest of the country, having 85/87/91 rather than everyone else's 87/89/92+.

    Money's tight, so I don't have a lot of options for physical changes to it, but I've done some small things like sticking to one gas station once I found one that seemed to have quality gas, putting in a K&N air filter, and picking up some hypermiling techniques. I only use a few, and yet I'm consistently getting better than the EPA rated highway milage.

    I have noticed an oddity, however. If I top off the tank at about 1/4 tank regularly, I seem to get better milage than if I let it drain before filling. I've also noticed that as the summer has progressed, I've gone from getting 42-45mpg regularly back in April and May to 33-38 all along July and August. Only things that have changed are that I took a long distance trip in late July and got an oil change imediatly there after. No dirt in the airbox, filter's clean, and the tires seem to be ok. I can only think that maybe the oil change place adjusted my tire pressures and I'm now running "soft". All that aside, I've been happy with how much less I'm spending vs my old light truck, though I think the Mazda would probably have been a better chassis to start a physical mod off of.

    Anyone else have experiance with the post 2000 SL series, and have tips/tricks as to how to tune/drive/adjust the car to squeeze out more without spending too much money?
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    Welcome to the club. Make sure to read "Beating the EPA" in the articles seciton. Also, make sure your tires are aired up to the max psi indicated on the tire's sidewall. Last, consider purchasing a ScanGauge II. It will pay for itself with fuel savings.
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    Welcome to CleanMPG!

    I'd recommend the hot air intake and covering the radiator.

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