Cool Prius MOD - Solar-Power-Augmented Prius

Discussion in 'General' started by marcp1216, Sep 11, 2008.

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    Toyota will do this (about 2009?) and it will be enough to power air conditioning or make a modest improvement in fuel economy.

    Steve Lapp's is perhaps a bit over-rated because it adds quite a bit of weight (PbA batteries and electronics) and also increases aero drag.

    At present, we should probably keep our expectations low on how much photovoltaics can improve vehicle performance. The pure solar vehicles (many of them race annually) are purpose built, extremely impressive, but quite distinct from conventional vehicles.

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    Its hard to imagine, with thin film PV becoming both cheap & efficient, that we won't see traditional paint replaced with these coatings to provide power & charge. If the price to coat a car gets under a thousand retail, it might be the next big paint, white, red, green, or PV?
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    What would be cool is if you could park her outside and redirect that power to the grid when the battery is full.

    No more garage for me. :)

    "It's 4:30 honey.........gotta go make a a left turn in the driveway for orientation". :)
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    With current Photovoltaic technology, you'd have to park your solar sun-roofed Prius in bright sunlight for over 2 weeks to charge the battery. This is why Toyota is using the solar roof to power only the blower fans. This has been done before, back in the late 90's I think Audi had the option of a solar sun-roof for powering the blower.

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