A funny thing happened on the way home from work

Discussion in 'General' started by krousdb, Mar 1, 2006.

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    The only part of my commute that is on the highway is on hilly and winding section of I-79. As such, the speed limit it 55 and there is a truck speed limit of 45. I usually split the difference and drive 50 in the right lane while traffic passes my by at 65. I have never been honked at or flipped off, but yesterday something funny happened.

    I was near the end of the 45mph truck zone when I noticed an ordinary Chevy Lumina pull in behind me. As I saw the face of the driver in my rearview mirror, I recognized that the face and the car belonged to Fr. Z, the Pastor of my church. I had a flashback of the homily last Sunday, in which he spoke at some length about "patience being a virtue". This is also the same guy who on Superbowl Sunday used a Steelers Terrible Towel during the celebration of the eucharist.

    Well Fr. Z was cut off from the passing lane by several cars that were speeding by. About 30 seconds later, there was an opening and as he pulled into the passing lane. Just then I saw him in my rear view mirror and his lips were moving. Very clearly I could lip read, "F**king A**h**e"!

    Well I just had to laugh as he flew by. I am certain he didn't recognize me.

    So I was thinking that I should go to confession this weekend. Here is what I plan to say:

    Forgive me Father for I have sinned, it has been 4 weeks since my last confession......

    Ya see father, I was on I-79, you know the winding section with the 45 mph truck speed limit? Well I was stuck behind this little red Honda that was only going 50. Well after 1/2 minute or so I finally found my opening to go around that car so I could break the law with the others and as I passed by I called the driver a "F**king A**h**e"! Please forgive me. I can't believe I did that, especially because as you said last weekend during your homily, patience is a virtue.

    I wonder how many Hail Mary's I will get?:D
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  2. tbaleno

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    I would do just that. Maybe God is using you to tell him something :)

    I'm sure he will probably say something like "Don't worry about it. The guy was obviously driving to slow."
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    Two weeks ago, my senior pastor acknowledged to experiencing a similar cutoff and hinted that his mouthing at the driver might not have been....appropiate. ;)

    Because I slip up on the road, my fish sticker is not on the bumper but under the rear-view mirror to remind me to set a good example.

    Got to say this about my senior pastor - I can easily see him as that German engineer in VW Strikes Again: Un-Pimp My Ride. It's very informal and he's given to do brief stand-ups to make a point in his message. He has even had a loaner Ferrari driven on the stage once - but didn't put a wrecking ball to it.... :D

    Yes, we should all feel accountable for our driving.
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    Well I think it just goes to show you that know matter ones role. We all are quite Human and therefore at times here comes that somewhat hidden other self. Boo, Was that me that just said that and acted like that? I hope no one saw me do that.

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    Hi Dan:

    ___That was the best story I have read in weeks and Thank you very much for sharing! ROFLMAO :D

    ___Good Luck


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