Toyota starts leasing FCHV

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    At $7,700 per month seems a little expensive........:rolleyes:

    Tokyo — TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (TMC) announced today that on September 1 it will begin leasing its new fuel cell hybrid vehicle model, the "TOYOTA FCHV-adv*", to Japan's Ministry of the Environment.

    TMC also plans to lease the TOYOTA FCHV-adv, which improves on the cruising distance and low-temperature startup performance of the previously leased "TOYOTA FCHV", to other national government entities, local governments and companies in or related to the energy industry. Lease terms are 840,000 yen (including tax) per month for 30 months.

    By leasing its fuel cell hybrid vehicles, TMC—which became the world's first automaker to commercialize a fuel cell vehicle when it began leasing the TOYOTA FCHV in Japan in December 2002—can obtain real-world feedback for further development, including efforts to improve the durability and reduce the cost of its proprietary high-performance polymer electrolyte fuel cell, the Toyota FC Stack.

    This leasing, as well as TMC's participation in other cooperative efforts with the government, the energy industry and other parties concerned is aimed at helping to bring about the widespread use of fuel cell vehicles.

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    It seems the FCX Clarity is more reasonably priced at ~$600/mo

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