Hero: August 28th, 2008

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  1. voodoo22

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    On Tuesday, August 26th I had reached my last straw with the unsafe driving practiced by the motorists and police driving through the crosswalk which my wife uses to walk to work everyday.

    People are speeding so much and driving so recklessly, that my wife has stopped walking home for lunch and I pick her up after work even though it's not even a 1km walk each way. The last time she tried walking home, 3 cars sped through the cross walk after the signals were flashing before 1 motorist stopped!

    I sent an extensive email to my city councilor describing the situation and the next day my city councillors assistant called me to gather information about the time of day etc when I've seen this dangerous activity. I told her I couldn't say when everyone is driving like this and disregarding the pedestrians safety, but that when I now pick my wife up at 4:30 there are definitely plenty of people speeding excessively (at least 80 in a 50 km/h zone).

    The next day, thursday, August 28th, as I drive to pick up my wife at work (which I have to do for her safety, but also pisses me off because it's unnecessary and killing my FE:)) I witness the police pull over some idiot who not only ran the pedestrian walk, but also was speeding and doing both of these things going uphill (an even worse offense to hypermilers!). My wife took the picture, as I was driving.


    I also noticed this morning when I drove to work that the city has put up a cross walk warning sign and sent me an email that they were looking at long term options to make this walk more safe.

    I sent a thank you email to all involved and hoped for their continued vigilance. My wife and I are still shocked, but it appears the political system actually is coming through for us! Kudos to my city councilor who should be hero of the day for putting things in motion instead of staying motionless on his plush seat :woot:
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    Congrats! A Politician actually did something good! Are you sure reelection isn't coming up soon :D
  3. Steve

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    You must be Canadian....


    EDIT: Haha. Checked your profile and it appears I was right. Kudos to your councilman. Send him/her a box of chocolates or something.
  4. voodoo22

    voodoo22 Cheaper than the bus

    They called an election this week for the federal government, but our councilor isn't up at the moment, but I wouldn't be shocked of motives other than just doing good :)
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    You don't see that very often...
  6. red light cameras would help some.

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