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Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by fireflyfarm, Aug 14, 2008.

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    That is what I am trying to figure out as I am new to this.

    This morning I was on a 4 lane interstate @ 6:00 am heading in to work some wonderful overtime. Light traffic 3 or 4 semis had come up one on me over a ten mile stretch. (one @ a time) I gave them the 3 flashes of hazard lights, they move over and passed me in the left lane. Then a couple of miles later the next was approching. I gave him 3 flashes. He didn't move over (no other traffic in site, left lane clear). He got about 500 feet behind me, I gave 3 more flashes of the hazards. He closes to 50-75 feet behind me, flashes his high beams, and then move over to the empety left lane and passes me. Go figure.

  2. Right Lane Cruiser

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    Unfortunately there are truckers out there who care not at all about courteous driving.

    If the road really is empty, consider a reverse pass. I'll do this on empty roads as a courtesy to other drivers so that they can continue straight.
  3. JusBringIt

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    IT SEEMS TO ME THE HEADLIGHT MOTION BY the trucker may be a courtesy flash. You should be able to tell if it's an aggravated flash. However they switched lanes and didnt tailgat you so... A good dign :)
  4. Thumper

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    It may have been a courtesy flash, but it wasn't pleasant in the mirror. LOL
  5. wdb

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    FFF, sorry to hear of your run-in with a JotD (probably several days, from the sounds of it) in a Prius. Around here nobody going significantly below the speed limit would ever dream of pulling to the side to let cars pass, no matter how long the line behind them. Of course I live over on the other side of the state so it may be different where you are, but people around here are so obstinate that they'll do almost unimaginably dangerous things just to prevent someone else from passing in what would otherwise be a safe and legal manner.

    Here's how obstinate they are around here. They'll pull into a single lane miles, miles, many many miles, before a two-lane section necks down to one lane, then they'll pull their vehicles halfway into the empty lane to prevent anyone from using it. It gets so bad that PennDOT has to put up signs leading into construction zones: "USE BOTH LANES".

    Here's something to remember the next time you encounter Mr. JotD-in-a-Prius: passing on a double-yellow is legal in PA as long as there is sufficient distance to do it safely (this varies with the speeds of the vehicles), and provided that the roadway is not marked with signs specifying it as a no passing zone. Be safe, but don't let the double yellow be the only thing stopping you.
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    Funniest flash instance I ever saw was a small sports car pull up close behind a semi and did a flash to pass...I don't know what he thought the driver would be able to see, but the correct answer would be "nearly nothing"
  7. psyshack

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    WOW P-Dude was a jerk! On a two lane I NEVER block traffic! And I do a lot of two lane road work in eastern OK and western AR. If Im on a roll and getting good mpg and a car gets up behind me. I find a place to get off the road and let them by. If Im on a road where I know there is no place to allow a pass. I speed my ass up. And that is what P-Dude should have done.

    When your on a two lane there are diff. rules than multi lane roads.

    I spend time on these types of roads for work. Sometimes I can use my car. Other times I use my Ranger or a Co. Truck. Depends on the work, parts, tools and stuff. I won't change out the rotating element in a split case pump that does 5k gpm with a part and tool haul in my MZ3. Regardless I always plan my trip out and allow time for slow downs, wrecks. I also factor in my HM efforts if any in that run. Sometimes hypermiling is out. No time can be allowed for it at all. Other times I can drive like the P-Dude. But that does not MEAN I have the right to block traffic at all.

    P-Dude was wrong.

    And whats all this with folks not understanding flash and pass? Just goes to show what idiots we are at times. Its not assault. And I flash truckers when they have cleared me when making a pass so they can get tucked back in.

    A few weeks ago we had a issue coming home on a friday. Two cars running door handle to door handle at 50 mph. One in the slow lane, the other in the passing lane on hwy 75 south between Okmulgee and Tulsa. They caused a two mile or better back up. I was ok with running 50 mph in the slow lane. But as traffic jammed up things went to hell in a big hurry. It was a mess. After about 7 miles of this mess I was also ready to get around this pair of jerks and move on. Turned out after one got a bump they were tree hugger girls driving Cobalt's with be green stickers all over the back of the cars. Was a very bad time and place to try to make a statement. Staying in the slow lane at 50 mph would have worked much better for them. P-Dude was trying to make the same statement to a large work truck.

    Not a good idea.
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  8. Chuck

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    Coming late, but if I was driving that Prius I'd taken the shoulder and allow passing - many Western states require you do do this on two-lane roads.

    To me, high beams seem more likely to be hostile than a short honk.

    Similar situation last night at 6pm: I was on a two lane access road to I35E going 35...on the left lane to go around an intersection and remain on the access road (Lewisville is one of many former farming communities that have awkward intersections as they became a Dallas suburb). This small tailgating pickup (S10?) gave me the highbeams and then immediately passed me on the right. For all intents and purposes, it looks like he went out of his way to be a jerk...6pm is kind of early to have already had a couple of beers. ;)

    Still another situation: There is a major four-lane residential road in my neighborhoold - posted limit is 35. One day, a couple of drivers were going side by side at 20mph. After awhile, I finally passed over the yellow line to get around them and one of them honked...seemed oblivious that his behavior was not exactly legal and the cause of it all. ;)
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  9. fuzzy

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    This was the middle of the 55 era, and the limit was ... 55. He was over the 45 minimum, but was being followed by far more than the 5 cars max (the line reached beyond the range of my mirrors) that requires slow moving vehicles to pull over. He easily could have pulled over at any of three towns, a rest stop, two stop signs with very wide aprons, or dozens of wide and long gravel pullouts, businesses, or farmsteads.

    (sorry for the delay in responding, I've been absent for several days.)
  10. fuzzy

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    To address a point that FFF was losing "only 10 minutes" behind this slow Prius, I must point out something else.

    Anyone working on a time clock must make sure that the dollars saved by hypermiling exceed the cost of extra time on the clock. For a 5 ton truck burning 3.5 gallons per hour, any fuel economy measures that slow them are unlikely to save the employer any money. For most businesses, any 'savings' that actually increase total operating cost will be a dead letter.

    From the figures FFF gave, he would burn (assuming $4/gal gas) $6.15 at PSL over that 20 miles, vs. $6.01 behind a Prius averaging 33 mph, a fuel savings of $0.14. Minimum wage costs the employer at least $7.05/hour (6.55 to employee and $0.50 in federal payroll taxes), so a 10 minute delay (as figured by challengers here) costs an employer at least $1.17 in lost productivity -- for any unskilled employee with no benefits or overhead. Assuming FFF is skilled with some benefits, the cost will be far higher. And this doesn't count lost opportunity.

    For self-employed truckers burning $50-70/hour of fuel on the Interstate, the answer may well be different. Slowing down for fuel economy could easily be worth their time, depending on the particular jobs available -- or not.

    Hypermilers and others on the road are not in a position to figure the value of time versus fuel for anyone else. It is not for us to delay them over long stretches for their own good. Insist that they run legally and safely, but be reasonable about letting them around.
  11. Chuck

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    Uh where are you getting this information that hypermilers are obstructing truckers? - the AAA?

    Speaking for myself, I let them by.
  12. donee

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    Hi All,

    Well the solution to FFF's problem is for the speed limit to be increased to 50 mph. Then the Prius could do 50 mph, in SHM mode, and get the same mileage, and everybody would be happy.
  13. Shiba3420

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    You might want to double check things like this before you post it because you appear to have just given bad advice. According to everything I can find, PA is like every other state. Passing on a double yellow is illeagal. Unlike some states, passing on a single, solid yellow is permitted. However that is an out of date road marking...You should only see dotted, double solid, single solid with dotted on one side.

    Here is another link with more specific info.
    There is the suggestion that every no passing zone will have a sign indicating it as such, however the text would seem to allow the double lines to act as legal marker.

    EDIT -----------------------
    OK. A little more reading and I did find opinions from some officers where double yellow may be suggestion, not a requirement. However officers don't interpret law, judges do. They should have asked a traffic court judge or a lawyer with PAs DOT. The actual law has enough flex that double yellows should be considered acceptable signage, but it could be debated if there isn't already enough legal precedence to force it one way or the other.
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  14. fixedintime

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    One of the best sources for on road marking and their meaning this is the Dept. of Transportation Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices as this manual has been adopted as the standard in most state (including PA).

    The manual says
    Two-direction no-passing zone markings consisting of two normal solid yellow lines where crossing the centerline markings for passing is prohibited for traffic traveling in either direction.

    However a little more searching found the following note:
    State laws often prescribe certain conditions, such as obstruction of lanes, in which it is legal to drive to the left of the centerline.

    So the question is what are the exceptions the PA allows.

    I don't have the time now to download a 15 mb file (I'm on dialup) but this link will give you some PA specific info on "control devices.

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