Jerk of the Day in a PRIUS!

Discussion in 'Hero and Jerk of the Day' started by fireflyfarm, Aug 14, 2008.

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    You've obviously NEVER traveled the roads of Western PA. I travel extensively out there and yes, there are areas where you WILL go for an extended period of time without an opportunity to pass. Whether it’s the hills, the twisty roads, the oversize loads or the numerous coal trucks, passing can be and often is hard to do at best and suicidal at worst.
    The jerk(s) in this case are most certainly the Prius driver, and yourself. Your condescending attitude leaves much to be desired.
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  2. fireflyfarm

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    OK, you caught me. I made the whole thing up. Here's what actually happened.
    I got to work late, as usual. I spent an hour downloading porn on my work computer, and making long-distance calls on my company cell phone. I left the shop 45 minutes late, jumped in the truck, and sped out to the Turnpike. I could only do 85 because of all the scumbags doing 70, but I finally made it to my exit. Then I got on this stupid 2-lane, and had to slow down to 60 because the truck just can't fly up the hills. I rounded a bend, and here's this Prius putting along at 55. I rushed up on his tail, rolled back, and rushed again, just to let him know I was going around him. He immediately pulled off the road and stopped, and I gave him the finger as I went by. Once I got past him, I made up some time by doing 90 where I could. I got to the customer's 23 minutes late, so I told the guy waiting for me that I would have been there an hour ago, except this stupid hippie tree-hugger in a Prius held me up the whole way there.
    THAT sound more realistic to you, in your smug self-righteousness? This was EXACTLY the reaction I was expecting when I wrote this, as a response to this:
    "I'm in front of you, and I'm better than you. You can either slow down and like it, or DIE."
    Nope, couldn't have happened, because NO ONE who practices what we practice can be wrong. Just because I can't think of a road where there are no passing opportunites, there must not BE any, anywhere in the world. Even for 9600-pound trucks.
    I guess I should have just swung out and passed the guy illegally, in double yellow. I should have gotten up at 4:30 instead of 5:15AM to feed the chickens, fish, and rabbits, that way I could have left home even earlier. I could have pulled over somewhere if I saw that I was going to be early, instead of getting to the customer's early. I should have made the appointmet for a later time, and explained to the customer that this was the only time I could be there, and he would have to be late for work to meet me.
    Guess you were right, bestmapman. I'm the jerk here, because I couldn't adapt my schedule to allow for someone much more important, intelligent, thrifty, and generally better than me to drive the way he wants on HIS road. I shouldn't even have a driver's license, or even be ALIVE, for that matter.
    Don't bother to leave the standard "Good Riddance!" messages. I won't be back to read them.
  3. bestmapman

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    Sorry for pushing your button. If I knew that you going to have such a reaction, I would have left it alone. Check your blood pressure.
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    Currious, I though the last few posts were backing FireFly up. I would agree that there are areas & times where you can go 20 miles without being able to pass, but usually there are oportunities. Most of us agree the Prius was wrong to both stay slow and not move over.

    Keep in mind we don't have a vision of what happened. We don't know anything about the road and what surrounds us. On the one side we have someone going to slow and on the other we have somone flashing his lights to go around when there was apparently no passing lane.

    I'd like to think most of us would have accelerated or pulled over. Maybe not right away, but after no more than a few minutes of having someone behind us. So firefly may not have been doing major hypermiling in a necessarily big, heavy vehicle, but he was one of us. No "Good Riddance" from me, more like sorry to have doubted you.

    Hopefully you will read these message and join us again. Some of what was said may still be useful...flashing headlights are often though of as a "finger" more than the request "would you please move over?' Few here understand flash to pass. And lets consider the view of the Prius. He might be a little self centered, but he his probably used to be harrased by people who are jerks. You got grouped into that box by him & treated that way. It not that you belonged there, but that you looked most like one at the time he saw you. If you were in a small car and felt threatened by a large vehicle, would you pull off the road for him?
  5. fuzzy

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    I cannot speak for your area, but check out this one:
    This route was so familiar while growing up that I didn't know it was so unusual until the Internet age. There are multiple opportunities to pass along it, but if memory serves, a 5-ton truck will have only 2 long enough spots in those 77 miles.

    I have also been stuck just over 100 miles behind a slow vehicle. It was the middle of the 55 era, on a road that is well over 50% passing zone. But a major annual event had just let out at the other end, putting thousand of vehicles on the road at 2 to 5 second intervals. All the safe passing zones were obstructed by oncoming traffic, and Grandpa would not pull over for anything, despite ample opportunity. Judging by is plate, his destination was 30 miles beyond the event.

    I was #4 in a line that grew well beyond the reach of my mirrors. It took an average of 25 miles per successful passing attempt. And none of the cars ahead of me missed a safe opportunity that I could have used.

    That event is now on my no-travel list.
  6. brick

    brick Answers to "that guy."

    I guess we have learned two things from this thread.
    1) Communication between drivers is incredibly touchy.
    2) Communication on the internet is also incredibly touchy.

    This thing escalated way beyond where it should have. I could have started a thread similar to this a couple of weeks ago when I found (and passed!) a fellow Prius driver doing 45mph in a 65 zone in the Boston area, snarling the hell out of the right lane for a mile and a half behind him. I know for sure that there is more than one way to be a jerk. Maybe that's still a taboo subject for us?
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  7. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    How fast was he going?
  8. fuzzy

    fuzzy Mild hypermiler

    He was going 48-49 at a time when the median speed was about 10mph above that. I entered the queue about 145 miles from the event, about 175 miles from Grandpa's likely destination.
  9. Zukibot

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    The Jerk of the Day was driving a Prius?!:eek:

    Totally unfathomable, obviously... lol
  10. donee

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    Hi All,

    I have to confess, I do this over about a 2 mile portion of one route I take. For some reason as the road narrows to 2 lanes from four, the speed limit increases to 45, even though there are all sorts of cross roads, and residences. After 2 miles of this, the speed limit reduces to 40 mph around a blind curve, and then continues on at 40 mph for a mile through a wetlands area, and the next 7 miles. There are two lights , one at the end of the wetland area, and another about 1/4 mile further on. While there are a few places to pass, at this time of day oncoming traffic is usually too thick for many to time it right.

    I try to go slow in the 35 mph 4 lane zone that enteres the 2 lane 45 mph zone. This gets allot of people to pass me. So, I end up the tail-end charlie most of the time, which is my goal. Sometimes you get the cell-phone yackers, that just mimick what you do, and when the road runs out, there is no option but to jump in front of them. Which the Prius does quite well. Being the tail end charlie in this section does not mean I am not last thru the true gating light, however. This light is about 10 miles down the road from this area. I come up along side, or past many of the cars I encouraged to pass me at this gating light.

    In the end, those that get "trapped" behind me in the 45 mph zone can end up in front of those that went around. They are not getting delayed any more than those in front however, due to the various lights along the way.

    BTW, finished off this tank today at 68.5 mpg.

    If you might have remembered my post about the congress woman, or man's wife, going around me, this was the same section of road. As I indicated, she passed, but then got caught in the wrong lane at that gating light. Which put me ahead of her again. Which apparently pissed her off so much she did the the agressive driving in front of the commercial truck I mentioned in that post, to get back past me.
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  11. donee

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    Hi FFF,

    As Best explained, this activity by the Prius driver cost you 10 minutes. Are you going to loose a customer over 10 minutes late arrival over that many miles of rural road? Do you have a cell phone? Use it to alert your customer next time. My experience is people who live out in rural areas expect the odd delay on the roads.

    I have lived in rural and city areas. There is a cooperative interpersonal attitude, which you probably have with your customer. On the roads, people may try to distinquish themselves, maybe because the cooperation expected in interpersonal relationships holds that back somewhat. This works well and is advantagous, because in the rural area one may have to rely on ones neighbors, more than big brother.

    For allot of people in the metropolitan areas the reverse is true. Interpersonal relationships can be overtly competitive. Allot of people on the roads do not have to distinquish themselves, however. For all the crap we talk about, on average most people are cooperative drivers. If not the roads would just gridlock up and nobody would get anywhere. Ever seen a rural Texas or Wisconsin driver in a Chicagoland expressway rush hour - it ain't pretty. I can just imagine what is going through their minds "Why do these cars not go any faster??!!" . Then they floor it, and squeel the brakes within 30 seconds, coming around a turn into a line of stopped cars.

    And ten minutes is nothing compared to a bad day on a 23 mile commute in Chicagoland. So, be glad your not getting one or two of those a week, like many of metropolitan area drivers have. Tuesday, for me, it was an unexpected 30 minute delay on the drive home, and all the routes I take, had slow moving cars. I go over the top, or underneath the other roads on my other routes, and can see what is going on. And that really put the kaibosh on getting a 70 mpg tank this time.
  12. Takashi

    Takashi FUD

    Finally someone brought this up. I knew if I bring this up myself nobody will believe me.

    Jerk of the day comes in many forms, including PRIUS drivers. It happened to me too.

    I was slowing down to ~ 90km / h (speed limit=110km/h) heading towards a highway exit. This stupid prius driver pushes his car to go ahead of me in the fast lane, cuts me off in close and short distance and slows down to 60km/h so he can negociate a 270 degree turn (3/4 of a circle). Please note there is NO cars behind me, but this scumbag finds it cool to accelerate in the fast lane, pass my car, cuts me off, and slows down just so he can safely exit the ramp to another highway.

    1. If you can't negociate a turn at your current speed, why don't you slown and go behind another car instead of cutting them off and hopes they rear end you so you can get a new car? Take note that a Prius is not a sports car and it does not have the handling characteristics of a sports car. If you want handling and performance, ditch the Prius and get a car that satisfy your driving desire.

    2. Obey the traffic rules. Driving a hybrid does not give you the right to speed up behind cars, pass them, and cut them off just so you can get to work on time.

    3. Don't underestimate other drivers. They might take a photo of your car and report to the police.
  13. lamebums

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    If the Prius was well under the speed limit and didn't allow the cars behind a chance to go around simply as common courtesy then he's in the wrong and fully deserved being jerk of the day.

    Trying to act like he owns the world works both ways--both in the form of tailgating and speeding, but also deliberately going too damned slow for everyone else if just as bad and saying "I own the damn world and to hell with anyone else back there."

    If the guy was doing at or near the speed limit he would have been fine though, but he wasn't from what I gather.

    I never thought about that. I've always assumed any flashing (especially when accompanied by tailgating) is automatically hostile.
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  14. jamesqf

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    Odd, because I've always thought it was merely a polite way of attracting the driver's attention, and letting him/her know that you'd like to pass. Of course it can get hostile, as for instance when the car in front obliviously passes turnouts with prominent "Slow Traffic Must Use Turnout" signs.

    There are plenty of long stretches without passing areas (especially ones where you could pass with a 5 \-ton truck) around here, and in most of the other hilly & mountainous areas I've spent time in. And lots of people who drive slowly through them, apparently oblivious to the long line of cars following them. If cursing worked, a lot of them would have been reduced to piles of smoking scrap metal.
  15. JusBringIt

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    what was the speed limit? I'M ASking because I was driving 62 in a 55 a while back b4 hypermiling and gor pulled over for speeding...ever since i dont go over the limit. I HAVE bad luck with police and getting pulled over...
  16. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    Wow, interesting thread here! :)
    I could have got away with it in the D-van, he would have thought I was about to blow up!
    he never would have suspected hyper miling :rolleyes::D

    That said, one of the skills I want to master as a hypermiler is to get all the faster cars around me asap!

  17. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    That's the trick, now isn't it! :)
  18. RningOnFumes

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    Give the man a break!... He wasn't breaking the law. Last I checked, driving the speed limit is ...well, what is expected. Here you guys go defending the Prius driver when the FireFlyFarm was doing nothing wrong. And don't you go on with the "I wasn't there, so I couldn't possibly see it your way" load of bull.

    It's one thing to hold up traffic in a 3 lane highway (they can always pass on the left), it's something else to not have the decency to pull off the road if you realize you're going a wee bit too slow. Here in SoCal, when I travel the mountain paths.... I don't want to even try to pass on blind curves even if there is breaks in the yellow middle line. If someone is even going 28 up a road meant for 45, then they need to get off the road to let people by. It doesn't matter if they know the "Euro lights blinking" idea... You look behind you and you see a trail of cars, you should know to pull over for bit, because it's obvious you're going slow, too slow.

    And the tardiness...being his fault? He planned the trip for 45mph, maybe he should have left sooner. or Maybe he couldn't because he had just finished with a prior job. The thing was, he was planning a trip with driving at 45.

    Come on people, call it what it is.
  19. fixedintime

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    A search on aggressive driving usually leads to a referernce to flashing lights.

    For example, for here where it makes the top of the list.

    Aggressive driving has been defined in many ways; however, the most comprehensive definition is the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or is likely to endanger persons or property. Some common acts of aggression behind the wheel may include:

    * Flashing lights at another motorist
    * Aggressive or obscene gestures
    * Blasting a horn
    * Verbal abuse (even if the other driver cannot hear or see you)
    * Tailgating
    * Unsafe lane change
    * Failure to yield right of way
    * Disregarding traffic signals and signs
    * Deliberately obstructing or preventing another from moving their vehicle

    My question, and I know that many don't do what I do, is why did fff leave no slack in his travel time. To be 20 minutes late on a 120 mile trip over back roads and to blame one person seems to say that no time was allowed for delays. Either that or fff's estimate of the travel time was not real accurate in the first place. I don't know, but on a trip of that length over those roads building in some slack would have been advisable. I have a 30 minute commute to work and most days I'm at my desk 10 to 15 minutes early.

    At the same time being forced to follow someone for 20 miles who averages 10 mph or more under the speed limit, even if it is legal, will stretch just about anyone's patience.
  20. laurieaw

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    my comment on flashing lights behind someone......they may do it nicely in europe, but here it doesn't quite work that way. i remember a time on my longer commute when i was perhaps a quarter mile from a stop sign with a pickup truck up my tail pipe. in addition to riding my a$$, he not only flashed his lights, he left them on high beams as he rode right behind me.

    then of course he accented his disgust with having to actually slow down a little to the stop by blasting his pipes as he turned right after i turned left.

    a polite flick of the lights no longer seems to exist with today's drivers.

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