America gets a glimpse of an H2 powered future

Discussion in 'FCV or Fuel Cell Vehicle' started by xcel, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. xcel

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    The H2 and Fuel_Cel road tour takes off.

    [xfloat=right][/xfloat]Wayne Gerdes - CleanMPG - Aug 12, 2008

    Honda's FCX Clarity -- 74 mpgUS (gasoline equivalent).

    Americans will have a unique opportunity to see what the future may hold with the launch of an historic two-week, cross country trek of a fleet of clean, efficient hydrogen vehicles.

    “Five years ago, President Bush challenged America’s innovators to develop new hydrogen technologies to help reduce our nation’s dependence on oil, and today we have a fleet of hydrogen vehicles making their way across the country,” said U.S. Deputy Secretary Thomas Barrett. “These hydrogen vehicles are the non-polluting cars of tomorrow and they are being demonstrated today on our nation’s roads.”

    Nine auto manufacturers, the US Department of Energy, California Fuel Cell Partnership, National Hydrogen Association, and US DOT are sponsoring the Hydrogen Road Tour to show that hydrogen vehicle and fueling technologies are approaching commercial availability, even as new research and development breakthroughs continue.

    “Hydrogen is part of a balanced and diverse energy portfolio that will help address our future energy, environmental and economic security needs,” U.S. Department of Energy Under Secretary Clarence "Bud" Albright, Jr. said. “This tour provides Americans an opportunity to see what the future could hold for hydrogen powered vehicles, as we work to help make these vehicles cost competitive and available for all.”

    Anchoring the tour is the recently US released Honda FCX Clarity, a 74 mpg rated, Li-Ion battery equipped fuel cel vehicle (FCV). With just 4.1 kg of H2 onboard at 5,000 psi, it can travel upwards of 280 miles without refueling.

    The tour will make 31 stops in 18 states, stretching from Maine to California. Air Products and Chemicals and Linde are providing mobile refueling stations and the hydrogen fuel.
  2. F&T

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    I'm impressed. Somebody went to a lot of work to put this roadshow together. Maybe there is hope for America, and maybe someday soon it will once again be called America the Beautiful.

    Obviously, Honda will be selling the Clarity like hotcakes at a lumber camp.

    Faithful and True
  3. chilimac02

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    I'm actually surprised they aren't making a stop in Texas. After all, we are one of the worst polluting states around. I heard somewhere that if Texas were a country, it'd be the 5th worst polluter. Seems like we could use a tour stop -I'd love to go.
  4. bomber991

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    lol, I was gonna say it goes everywhere but the only important place, Texas.

    Anyways doesn't Texas produce a lot of energy for other states or something like that?
  5. xcel

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    Hi Justin:

    ___You are right about some strings being pulled (or palms being greased ;)) as it was illegal to refuel an H2 vehicle on the road in the US earlier this year. Honda took a Clarity across the Continent East to West and immediately after leaving NY City, headed into Canada so they could refuel every 250 to 300 miles on the way across. I spoke with Stephen Ellis about a US drive and he said they could not get around the US statutes. Apparently, a waiver has been received to allow Linde and Air Products to refuel the vehicles. GM will be joining the group in major cities as their own Project Driveway is off in running full tilt in CA already.

    ___That story is around here somewhere???

    ___Good Luck

  6. kamana

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    very exciting news indeed!
  7. jamesqf

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    Guess there's a sucker born every minute. The hydrogen economy was never anything but pie in the sky, as even a basic understanding of the technology would show. But we all should have know it for a scam when Bush started pushing it.
  8. Indigo

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    On the bright side, since the FCX is also a hybrid, some of the research will be able to be deployed in cars that actually CAN be mass-produced. Also, I was very happy to learn that many of this car's aethetics are going to carry over to Honda's "mystery" hybrid that is to sell for only $20k.
  9. Texashchman

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    Anyways doesn't Texas produce a lot of energy for other states or something like that?[/QUOTE]

    If I'm not mistaken we don't produce elect. for other states as Texas has it's own grid. I don't think anyone has built any lines to go outside the state. If they did it would be a hugh undertaking. kevin
  10. Tochatihu

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    I saw a H2 vehicle display in San Antonio in early 2007. Unfortunately I did not arrive in time to drive the BMW :(

    The refueling area was a very large no-entry area and it looked like they were pretty serious about security etc. Really hard to imagine this process becoming commonplace.


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