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Discussion in 'Start Your Journey Here' started by kimbleloons, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. kimbleloons

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    I'm new to this site...but it looks like a good place to get lots of useful information. I'm a new owner of a Pruis and really like it's versatility. I get about 50mpg.

    More to the point...I am looking at "touring scooters". Honda, Suzuki, and Yamaha all make 400cc models. They are purported to get 50-60 mpg. I was wondering about their emissions. I have read one acticle which states they are no better for the envirnment then the average modern car. All of them are 4-stroke with one or two cylinders.

    I assumed they would get better mpg's and be better for the environment.

    Anyone have any information or thoughts? Thanks.

  2. scissorhands

    scissorhands Well-Known Member

    Yeah its true, even some of my 50cc do only 80mpg...I reckon stay with the prius if FE is the motivation for the scoots. That said, rush hour journeys are 10min instead of 1 hour on a bike...parking is frustration....saves time
  3. A024523

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    Welcome to the forum, Tom! I don't know much about scooters, other than I seriously considered it, but worry about the lack of bodily protection. Anyhow, the Prius is a great car, and 50 MPG is good, but follow the advice from the experts here, and you can improve that. More than a dozen of our Prius driving members have logged MPG in the 60s, and a few even in the 70s. The techniques really worked for me: my last two tanks were 54 and 56 MPG in my Tercel, which I used to get around 30 MPG in.
    If you have not already, check out this for the big overview...
    This has very detailed information specific to the Prius...
    This shows how to track your progress via a milage log here and add it to your signature...
    Good luck!
  4. shifty35

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    Scooters aren't subject to the same EPA restrictions that a car is. Most of them probably do not have a catalytic converter, and most are probably carb'ed. I'd imagine that they are similar to most small cars.

    They still cost a fraction of a Prius though, and remain a good option for some.

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