New guy . . . and I’m on a mission! (long, but important post)

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  1. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    I vote for #4.

    The first 3 imply that there may be "unsafe hypermiling". The point is that the techniques described here are safe (or as safe ad driving can be). Hypermiling as defined here is inherently "safe". Other unsafe things people may do (drafting, running stop signs and red lights, etc) are NOT approved hypermiling techniques (and in fact may not save gas, or may not save as much gas as methods described here).

    This seems to be the most solid way to approach it.
  2. Damionk

    Damionk DWL Lover

    Perhaps a poll is in order here. Just my 2 cents.
  3. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    or perhaps just Safely Hypermiling
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  4. Right Lane Cruiser

    Right Lane Cruiser Penguin of Notagascar

    Um... how about "Hypermiling = Safer Driving" ?
  5. msirach

    msirach Well-Known Member

    How about:

    Hypermiling = Hyperlifing
  6. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    I for one would also encourage simply dropping the legal/illegal
    distinction since stating one implies that there's an opposite
    floating around somewhere lurking and waiting to screw things
    up. Those nasty illegal hypermilers, y'know. What I'd rather
    see is the overall concept of hypermiling, done properly as defined
    by the community here and at large, simply become a norm. And
    become part of standard drivers' ed, like it is in Europe where
    the "ecodriving" term originated.
    Any chance that your publicity pushes could also target driving
    schools and the state motor vehicle licensing departments and
    driver examination structure [which has become very sadly lax over
    the past few years]? Turning it around where it gets close to
    the youth just starting out is a good place to at least introduce
    the concept, even if a little of the "invincibility complex"
    young drivers have may creep in to obscure some of the lessons.
    At least there may be a tiny pang of guilt from driving badly
    after one has been clearly told that hypermiling is a large part
    of driving well, and early habits may begin to change.
    The driving schools aren't just for the young, either. You can
    read my writeup on taking one of the emergency-situation courses
    around here -- partially to see what they were teaching new
    drivers, which is one of the areas they're aimed at, and partially
    to float the idea of ecodriving training to them -- and there
    were several older drivers in the class, some sent from a company
    that has people on the road all the time. It's a chance for
    anyone to get used to the dynamics of a vehicle in that sort
    of situation, valuable for any driver, and I really think the
    basics of hypermiling and predictable/predictive driving would
    tie in nicely with what they already say about following distance
    and attitude. So there's a potentially significant target.
  7. AnnArtisan

    AnnArtisan Active Member

    Amen, and kudos to you for your efforts. I read through most, but not all, of this thread and came back here just to add that my first thought (and one that was echoed a few times) is that "Safe hypermiler" cuts to the gist better than "lawful hypermiler."

    I am a "born-aqain" hypermiler. Before I found this group I was one of the most aggressive (but curteous, I swear!) drivers you'd ever meet. I make this sea change in my driving habits that SHOULD be getting me kudos, but I keep hearing "Oh, yeah, I heard about hypermiling and it's dangerous." Arrrrggghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! It makes me want to rev my car up to full throttle and WHAM someone! (kidding. sorta. ;-)

    I appreciate your enthusiasm as I share it. When I got almost 30% better mileage on my first hyper tank I was sold. I had no idea driving habits alone could affect my gas consumption that much. I figured maybe one to five percent. Thirty? OMG, if the masses could learn this, it would absolutely revolutionalize this movement.

    I haven't checked back in since early this morning about how best to word my button promoting hypermiling while I'm stationed at the Pepsi Center during the DNC, but at that time only one person had offered up a suggestion. So I'm butting in here to again ask for suggestions.

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  8. lightfoot

    lightfoot Reformed speeder

    How about getting insurance companies involved?

    In the motorcycle world around here, you can't get insurance unless you have (a) 3 years of riding experience OR (b) have taken a Motorcycle Safety Foundation training course. You need insurance to register a bike. You can't ride a bike without plates (at least not for long). Therefore it's extremely difficult for a newbie to ride unless s/he has taken the MSF course (yes, you can borrow someone else's bike).

    It could even be as simple as a discount for safety/hypermiling training.
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  9. Nanci

    Nanci Well-Known Member

    I like both of those.
  10. laurieaw

    laurieaw Sorceress of the North

    how about some public service advertisements perhaps?

    at one time someone on here, and i wish i could remember who so i could give proper credit, outlined an ideal commercial showing how fuelish it is to use FSPs for driving....something like this....

    show a person in their kitchen. they prepare 7 meals, set them out, eat one and throw away the other six.

    then a person going to a movie, buying 7 tickets, but only using one seat.......

    follow up would be someone driving a huge FSP, with seating for 7, and only one occupant. there could be a tagline, but it the message might be self evident.

    just a thought.
  11. shifty35

    shifty35 Well-Known Member

    That's brilliant.

    And at the end, a guy riding on a bike solo. LOL.
  12. JusBringIt

    JusBringIt Be Inspired

    As Ben mentioned above, that is a great idea, of course we have the masses that just like to take a different standpoint regardless of the negative effect that standpoint will have. That would get the point across to most people as they don't look at it that way normally.
  13. hobbit

    hobbit He who posts articles

    The insurance companies in Mass *are* involved with the driver-
    training thing, because the kids that complete these courses
    receive discounts. Since I'm already a "step 9", as they call
    it, i.e. zero-claims customer, I don't think I qualified for
    any further rate cuts ... but then again, I should ping them again
    since they weren't entirely sure last time I called.
  14. Wow, that’s some great suggestions. Thanks for all the input.

    Responses –

    To Brother: Thanks for the additional wording suggestion. I will post a poll and make sure that it is included.

    To Msirach: Thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Much appreciated. Also, interesting suggestion in your second post, thanks.

    To MT Bucket: Thanks for the wishes of good luck.

    To lightfoot: More good input. Thanks. Your suggestion in your 2nd post is right on the mark! I am trying to get through to the folks at the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. My goal is to see what the possibility is of developing a standardized Hypermiling Safety certification which drivers could qualify for via a written test, The certification would then be accepted for insurance premium discounts the same way that Defensive/Safe Driver certifications currently work. I will report back on what progress I make in that effort. Thanks.

    To damionk: Yes, it is time for a poll. I’ll post one tonight. Thanks for the suggestion.

    To laurieaw: Another great suggestion. Thanks. In your 2nd post, I love the idea of a PSA. I have access to a video production company that owes me lots of favors. I think I will have them start to pay those favors back. Awesome idea.

    To Right Lane Cruiser: Awesome. Thanks.

    To Hobbit: You and I are definitely on the same wavelength! I am working with several national driver education/training companies to get them to incorporate “economical driving” practices into their curriculums. I am also trying to get some of the performance driving schools to do the same. Thanks for both of your posts. Will keep you up to date on my progress.

    To AnnArtisan: Please don’t hurt anyone! Just kidding ;-) Thanks for your support and encouragement.

    To Catgic: Is that really a picture of you ???!!?! I love it! I also love "Hypermiling Is Not A Crime". I will add that to tonight’s poll. Thanks again (please don’t hold my brevity against me ;-)

    To Nanci, shifty35, and JusBringIt: Thanks.

    Thanks to everyone for all the great input and encouragement. People letting me know this is a good idea makes me a lot more comfortable pouring my own money into this crusade. I don’t want to turn out to be like Don Quixote, putting time, effort, and money into chasing windmills.

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  15. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    I hope it works out good for ya GP4H. I am kind of concerned, that for all the press HM is getting both good and bad,, it just doesn't seem to be happening much, at least here in the minneapolis area I have yet to see another for sure hypermiler out on the roads, and I am driving the city and suburban areas 8 to nine hours a day making deliveries.
    One day i actually thought I saw one, I was getting pretty excited when I saw this small car going 50 on the highway in the right lane with his r tires on the white line.
    Well I caught up to take a look and all I saw was some dude on a cell phone with one hand, notebook in the other, and steering with? who knows! Doh!

  16. To MT Bucket -

    Yeah, I've got the same worry.

    I'm VERY happy that gas prices are going down, but the by-product of decreasing gas prices is that the press is quickly losing interest in stories related to FE. We may be heading into a press "dry spell" where it is going to be very hard to get the word out there (good or bad publicity) about hypermiling. Unless it's continually publicized, its adoption by the general public is going to happen v e r y s l o w l y . That's another reason I'm printing and giving away free decals. We need to spread the word (on our own vehicles, and any other way that can have a positive effect). It's going to be an uphill climb until gas prices rise again and the press takes interest in us again. When that happens, my goal is to have the press better educated about hypermiling, and better prepared to write level-headed, unbiased, fully-informed articles.

  17. brother

    brother Well-Known Member

    Shucks... just talking plain.
    I appreciate your enthusiasm. Keep up the good work. :)

    The fuel conscious...
    The safety conscious...
    The hypermiler.

    OK I stole that from the USMC :rolleyes:

  18. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    We are not having a dry spell here in MN because we never had a "wet spell"! (I know, that doesn't sound right..:D )
    There are TONs of HYBRIDS on the roads here in the twin cities area and none of them (except one excellent little blue one) are beating the epa as far as I know.:(
    I have posted on other forums and my blog to share some of my HM stories and links to cleanMPG and so far no one has showed any interest.
    I have had some interest when I show people my scan gauge however. I have a few friends who want to try mine out. Mabye when they find out what their cars can do they will get hooked :)

  19. To Brother -

    Very cool jon.

    To MT Bucket -

    Regretfully, we Americans sometimes needs a VERY LOUD wakeup call to finally act (and adopt new behaviors). That wakeup call may be $5 a gallon gas. Maybe even $6, or more.

    Most drivers like to drive fast and agressively much more than they care about doing something responsible and economical. Knowledge of the risk of getting lung cancer doesn't stop a sizabll portion of our population from being active smokers. Knowledge of the risk of heart disease doesn't stop a vast portion of our population from cunsuming saturated and trans fats. Wasteful driving habits will be similarly difficult for many drivers to learn about and then overcome. Human nature is a powerful force.

    Hey, can anybody tell a "new guy" how to do a poll here on the forum? Thanks for the help.

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  20. MT bucket

    MT bucket I want my MPG!

    open a new thread and go to the bottom and check the box where it says post a poll...

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