Any ideas for Nissan Frontier?

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  1. titantim2004

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    I seem to have hit a wall in regards to mileage with my Frontier. I have leveled out to 22.3 mpg, not bad for a truck that usually gets 15-17mpg avg. I use the drive without brakes and long range draft and have used Nice some when I can. I turn off the truck at drive throughs. I coast as much as I can. Does anyone have any more suggestions on what might help further. My goal is to hit 25 mpg for a tank.

  2. msirach

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    I had a 01 Frontier CC and it was tough because the rear end gears were very low. I think they were 4.37 to compensate for the weak engine. If yours has the cross bars on the roof, remove them. That should gain 1 or 2mpg. Air your tires to sidewall max. Try to keep your rpm's below 2000.

    I think the engine technology in the new Fronty is different, so the rpm curve might be different though.
  3. titantim2004

    titantim2004 Member

    I don't have the roof rack. My tires are aired up also. The 05 and up Frontiers have the 4.0 liter 265hp engine, so power is very good. I have thought about a aftermarket intake system, most people I have talked to that have them on the Frontier picked up 1-2 mpg. It's just a fairly expensive option at 200.00 plus.
  4. Vooch

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    Do you have a scanguage or iFCD ?

    try DWL
  5. yeah its got the newer 265hp V6. my wife's xterra has the older 185hp engine. The engines are the same in the x and the frontier.

    DWL is a good starting place. Get a scangauge if you can it really helps out. I've noticed in the older V6's in nissans' a constant speed of around 50 mph yields decent results.

    Good luck with the truck....I used to love them but i've moved on :(
  6. jmbakerak

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    Is your truck a manual or an automatic? I have a 05 Frontier extended cab 4x4 with the six speed manual. So far my best tank was 25.4 mpg (last tank was 23.0 mpg). That high mileage tank was with two people, camping gear and bicycles. In full truck mode, loaded cab and bed and pulling a 3,500 lb. trailer, I got 17.5 mpg. With the manual I find I can keep the rpm’s at 2,000 or less for any driving situation, even highway driving, where 2,000 is about 65 mph.

    You indicate that your truck is an 07. I have always kept track of the fuel economy of my vehicles and found that, so far, none of them have reached their maximum mpg until they have about 60,000 miles on them. If you’ve been following the recommendations of this group all I can add is preserver, you’ll eventually get there.
  7. Slowride

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    I also have a 08 frontier 4 liter 6mt.I have found i am finding more places to fas,also made a cross country trip with a kayak on top of a bedrack,best mpg was 22,worst was 19 with daughter driving at 77mph.I'm getting 23 around town here in houston,but looks like the current tank will break 25 hopefully!My bump starts are getting really smooth-it takes practice.Keep working,looks like you are in the ballpark with another newbie-me.Good luck!
  8. ksstathead

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    If you have an auto, I feel your pain. My 03 Tacoma is very limiting. Am slowly looking for a good used 4-cyl stick to replace it.

    You didn't mention pulse & glide that I saw. That helps me. Also, when you can go slower than 65, that will help too. We have the aero of a sheet of plywood...
  9. NH Titan

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    I went the 2nd car route. The best I could do in the Titan was 19.4 mpg. I just started to get serious with the Cavalier and was at 37.6 mpg yesterday for the tank. I am hopefull 40 mpg is with in reach.

    On a side note I just came back from a camping trip with the Titan and averaged 18.3 up and back. There was some fairly hilly terrain. I have a Leer truck cap on the Titan. It has a 6 inch or so slope towards the back of the truck. In other words it is not a cab high.

    Good luck in your quest.
  10. 99metro

    99metro 2 slow 4 U

    How about increasing the timing, if possible. That should get you about 10% increase in FE. Not sure how to do it on a Frontier. Also do some neutral coasting - lots of it. Pulse and Glide helps a lot, but kind of a pain to shift from neutral to drive a lot if you have an automatic.
  11. get a scanguage. Without one mileage is difficult with one you can do some good. In my explorer the best i can do without a scangauge is around 24 with one i've gotten as high as 32 mpg.

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