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    Wellingtonians are far less likly to tailgate than Aucklanders, who I'm afraid to say being an Aucklander, are the butt of our nations jokes, for being impatient dicks amongst other antisocial alpha male traits
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    Well, if we're going to play the generality game, I can play ball ;). My total miles since 94 is around 300k. I've had two accidents, both of which were under 20 MPH. The first was in 94 for just being 16 and stupid (note, bottle rockets and cars don't mix), the second was snowy conditions in PA and a guy in a pickup who didn't understand following distance.

    I grew up right off what is now exit 173 off I80 (Lamar exit) in PA. It's nestled between the Lock Haven and Bellefonte. We had a TA off of this exit. I drove to school pretty much every day past this TA starting in 96, but on on and off up until that point (my parents didn't approve of driving every day up until my senior year). The truckers coming out of the exit of this TA had a stop sign. I've seen it. It's still there now. At LEAST 2-3 days a week a truck would pull out of this TA, completely ignoring the sign, and cut off whatever traffic was coming, regardless of the distance of the approaching traffic. Is that how a professional driver should go about?

    I did see slower truckers in PA, but not here in NC. I've only had ONE trucker follow me in the last month when I've been at or below the limit. And thankfully, it was done at a safe distance. Must truckers in these parts seem to hold the average to 67-70, even when driving in 65 zones. Again, maybe it's just a south east thing. Up in the north east, it seemed that the truck traffic was much slower.
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    Hi Laurie,
    You happen to share a first name with my wife of 21 years. :)
    When you are dealing with that kind of unprofessional jackass under those circumstances there's really very little you can do. I personally would VERY GRADUALLY slow to about 20 MPH and just roll along with the hazard lights on. The idiot is risking an accident by behaving like that and by reducing the speed you are reducing the energy of the accident and greatly improving your chances of surviving it. Next I'd turn onto any side road and the skinnier the better. This reduces the chance that the jackass in question will try to follow you. In a car you can always turn around and come back.
    On more open roads the way to deal with tailgating trucks is ALWAYS to bump off the cruise and gradually coast down slower and slower till the moron gets the memo and passes.
    NEVER NEVER NEVER hit the brakes. You are risking a serious accident if you hit the brakes. Your goal is to get him to pass, record the truck ID numbers, and call the safety dept of the trucking company.
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    I'd invite you to take a careful look at the things I have posted. YOU are the only one spitting bullets. Until YOU started trying to lump me in with the unprofessional jackasses that I have denounced FROM THE FIRST MOMENT I have been very polite and non-confrontational. I came here to express an opinion on the topic of drafting. In general hypermiling is a good idea. It's a wise thing to use less fuel and save money. Especially so in one's personal vehicle.
    If you take an objective look at the article I linked to you, it does APPEAR to support distant drafting (which I have no objection to) and surf drafting, to which I have certian well thought out objections. If you do not support surf drafting I'd suggest that you might want to edit your original post to make that more clear.
    As for my nickname on this board, Do you really think that YOU are the only one who suffers from the tailgating of the obnoxious types you are complaining about? OH PLEASE! 5 or 6 times a day I have to rid myself of a tailgater. See my post in reply to Laurie for instructions on how to do it properly. I'd like everyone to back off my truck, trucks and surf drafting cars alike.

    If thats the case, why was the car on the passing side of the truck in the picture? The picture you chose to use makes it APPEAR that you are talking about having a car hang out in that dangerous spot for mile after mile. If that wasn't your intention to advocate that, why are you upset that I point out that your article is so easily misunderstood?
    As for needlessly burning fuel, there is an additional dimension to the calculation in a commercial vehicle. Yes, MPG is an important consideration, but at the same time revenue generation is also just as big a consideration. Trucking companies are paid by the loaded mile. Therefore the faster they go, the more revenue miles they rack up and the more they can bill out to their customers in a week. The other side to that coin is the faster they go, the more fuel they burn and the less profitable each mile becomes.
    With current technology, and a highly skilled driver the point of diminishing returns on increased speed comes at right in the general neighborhood of 60 MPH. In short, companies like J.B. Hunt and Scnheider, The 2 giants in the dry van segment of the trucking business, set maximum road speed at 62 MPH because that is the speed at which the truck generates maximum profit per loaded mile. In your personal vehicle MPG may be king, but in a commercial enviroment profit per loaded mile in the number one driving force.

    Hi Wayne,
    Here's the fact that you DON'T know. I am based out of Birmingham Alabama and I am a southeast regional driver. Speed limits in my operating area rainge from 65 to 70 pretty much everywhere. Here's a math lesson for you. 63 is LESS THAN 65. This may come as a shock to you, but I assure you it is true. This means that I am operating BELOW the posted speed limits in my area. As for it being nonsense and fuel wasting for me to drive 63, Refer back to my discussion of fuel cost vs. revenue generation. Yes, I burn more fuel, but the extra revenue being generated is greater than the cost of that fuel so it is profitable.
    Here's a deal, I'll listen carefully to what you have to say about squeezing more milage out of a vehicle because that is your field and you seem to have studied the matter carefully. On the other hand, I have been in the trucking business since 1989 and held every position from part time shuttle driver, to OTR driver, to driver trainer, to dispatcher, to safety manager, to OTR division manager. This is my field and I have extensive knowledge and experiance. Please don't pretend to know things you don't.
    Before anyone brings it up, let me make one thing clear. I left the office part of the business 5 years back because my wife returned to college as a full time student. Driving a truck pays substancially more than a desk job and we needed the income with her not working.

    Hi Wayne,
    Are you even reading the things I'm posting? Have you totally missed the many times I have denounced the slobs in big trucks who tailgate? Is it so hard for you to believe that my profession contains at least a few compitent professionals? Why do you insist on lumping me in with the very worst? You don't even know me. Take a few deep breaths. Compose yourself. You are sounding pretty hysterical.
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    I've been relatively inactive the past week or so....just want to say I give 18-wheelers plenty of leeway and respect these workhorsed of the freeways.

    On the topic of respect, my personal Prime Directive of the Internet is: "Don't do on the net what you would not do in person"....now tell me how the majority your posts up to now could be considered friendly or at least non-confrontational? Stuff like "Trying not to crush your Prius", jumping into drafting, the H2, questioning hypermilers not going with the pack, arguing....a start like this makes a fight inevitable...it would be like me walking across the street to the Mosque with a pork chop still wearing muddy shoes.

    To put it another way, if one joins a forum in an less than friendly way and questions basic themes at that forum, they are not going to be adored.
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    I don't draft in any form or fashion. Who knows what the person in front of you has been taking or smokin'.

    I'm lucky enough to live in a rural area so if a 18 wheeler is on the same road as me they are clearly lost!
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    I would gladly say in person everything I have said in text here. Surf drafting is dangerous and people should not do it. As I read the article in question I thought this site was advocating it. Wayne has said he does not advocate it. Fair enough. That still leaves the problem that the article I linked to SEEMS to advocate it. I said nothing about ANY other hypermiling terchnique at all. in fact, I said that in general hypermiling is a great idea and I intend to use those techniques that are applicable to my work vehicle and my personal vehicle.
    "Trying not to crush your Prius" is a joke. Smile a little. Every day I have to make an effort to make that a safe day. It DOES lead to a little graveyard humor. Those of us who take our job seriously never lose sight of the fact that if we screw up people get hurt. Every single day I try not to crush your Prius and I don't intend to stop trying.
    Did I offend H2 owners on THIS site? An H2 is an AWFUL off road vehicle. My Isuzu is a MUCH better engineered vehicle both in terms of fuel economy and capability. If anyone here has an H2 and was offended ummmmm, sorry about that. Lets go off roading some time. I'll gladly pull you out when you get stuck :D
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    It's hard to believe you missed my point - in person most people don't introduce themselves grieving/attacking that person yet expecting to befriend them...speaking of being too serious, why don't you back off some of this stuff you have been posting on? The other members can echew controversey ;)
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    IMHO its good to see another trucker here that is trying to do the right thing, and I think you are... it seems to me that many here are a bit 'trucker shy' errr defensive because of some trolls in the past... I too have problems sometimes with phrasing things 'right' and getting across 'the tone' that I truly intend. I hope you stay around, like Keith, you both have a lot of knowledge and information to share.
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    I guess what they say is true: There are no second chances for first impressions.

    In this case, you started in a very inflammatory mode and in the process you've managed to test the patience of at least two of the people that should be dead last on your list of targets.

    Perhaps a narrow minded and ill-informed lecturing to the CleanMPG community is not a good substitute for a healthier exchange of ideas. Don't you agree?


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    Thanks :)
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    Ok, Explain to me where I went wrong.
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    Hi BackOffMyTruck:
    ___“BackOffMyTruck” and “Trying not to crush your Prius” are in your avatar? Those two statements say it all. “Trying”? Pretty damned simple to not crush a Prius. Stay off their bumper and consider your stopping distances. You said your speeds are 63 mph. Do you have any idea to save fuel, save lives and become an even safer driver that 63 mph is to fast? Do you have an idea as to the distance it will take you to stop your 50 to 80,000 pound rig from 63 mph? If you think your time is any more valuable than anyone else’s here, you are mistaken :(
    ___You mean the one I wrote? Being 15’ from the back of those wheels and not in your No Zone present 0 risk from a tire explosion that I have ever heard about. Link us up good buddy so we can see the carnage.
    ___5 to 6 times a day? I handle that many 18-wheelers every 15-minutes. Do you really think you are the only one that has ever been tail gated? At 63 mph, you are a problem to EVERY HYPERMILER ON THIS BOARD! We use RR, RP, E-Flashers and Alternates of Alternates to get the hell out of your way.
    ___And you think this gives you the right to speed? Apparently UPS’s Overnight general freight division (or whatever they are hauling) will soon have your job because they are doing the job far more efficiently and of course safer because 63 mph is not in their routines. It is your job and profession. Keep up that 63 mph non-sense and you will be in line with the other 4 to 5,000 truckers a month that are losing their jobs due to high fuel costs. You simply have not accepted responsibility for your own part in the fuel consumption equation just yet.

    ___I see lots of Schneider trucks here in the IL/WI corridor and if you think they are speed governed to 62 mph, you must not drive the same I94 into Milwaukee and Madison that I do. I had to run the speed limits to Hybridfest in an HCH-II just two weekends and was passed by at least one Schneider truck on a Friday morning while I was pressing 62 to 63 mph to the North of Milwaukee!
    ___That is right, you burn more fuel than you need to. Thanks for doing your part and don’t forget that more you consume, the more your business undergoes stress. No wonder the Big Rigs are so eager to run up people’s bumpers all the time. I know this is a fact of life although you may not think so from your end of the steering wheel.

    ___63 mph also sounds a bit fast according to the following?

    Speed limit now 50 at trouble-prone Alabama junction

    ___Any other cities you travel through with lower than 63 mph limits? Let me know as I am very interested.
    ___Sure and please do us all a favor start understanding what is being written. You do not understand DWL, you are speeding in a number of areas and are hiding behind the std. business practice of the industry to burn fuel as you see fit. Slow the hell down to 55 and not only save some fuel but maybe somebody’s life someday. Possibly your own!

    ___Finally, when I am on the road in a RR, the Big Rig’s pass and if they leave enough room, I give a quick two punched of the lights off to thank them. I cannot stop the rampant speeding your industry employs but I can make sure the drivers that come here understand that speeding is not only a dangerous act but is helping to take our country down to its economic bottom. We cannot afford your 63 mph “business practice” anymore and I can only hope you come to the realization that it is just plain wrong for far to many reasons to list.

    ___Why do I have to jump into a pissing match with a professional driver who appears to take his job seriously but insists on causing a raucous? The next time you are up IL way, give me a call and we will go for a ride in my hood so you can see for yourself the non-sense hypermilers have to deal with in the Chicagoland area. It will not be pretty but it will be an eye opener for you as you take an Acura MDX to an easy 30 + mpg’s while dealing with the thousands of YaHoo’s including professional drivers that believe speed limits are just a suggestion.

    ___Good Luck

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    After a couple decades of experiance I know EXACTLY how far it takes to stop my truck under any road conditions or state of loading. This is why I win safety awards. I removed the Prius JOKE, I am sorry if it offended you. In my long career I have never crushed a prius, or any other vehicle. I have a perfect safety record. How could I be any safer than perfect? Unless you count the time a great depression era drainage culvert under the road collapsed under the weight of my truck and the road caved in, I've never had an accident. Speed surely wasn't a factor there anyhow, I was turning slowly from one skinny township road to another on the way back to the interstate from a log yard. Speed was about walking speed as I worked around that bend.
    Would it really make a differance to you? I'm sure If I scouted around a bit I could find a few pictures if caved in windsheilds but you have already decided so there's no point.
    Truthfully I've never really kept track of how many tailgaters I have to shake loose in a day. Fewer than you I'd imagine because I'm traveling a bit quicker. How exactly am I a problem to every hypermiler on this board? I don't tailgate. I plan my passing maneuvers well ahead and I don't roar up on other peoples tail. If I did those sorts of things I couldn't have built the safety record I have.

    I claim no right to speed for myself or anyone else. I dont speed. I have a clear MVR. Let me fill you in on a little unintended consequence of slowing trucks down to 55 MPH. This would reduce overall productivity of each truck. In order to move the daily load of freight that would in the end require more trucks and more trucks consume more fuel and make more pollution. If you reduce the output of the current fleet from 600 miles per day to 500 miles per day that means for every 5 trucks on the road now the natiuonal fleet will have to be increased by one. (Figures for miles per day come from the U.S. Dept of Transportation's determination of rules for the maxumum number of miles driven per day at given speed limits.) What effect do you think that will have on the national appetite for fuel to add one new extra truck for every 5 currently on the road?

    Ok, WAIT A SECOND! It's ok for YOU to go 63, but not me? To quote Mr. Wayne Gerdes, "If you think your time is any more valuable than anyone else’s here, you are mistaken "
    I think you should listen to Mr' Wayne Gerdes when he said, "At 63 mph, you are a problem to EVERY HYPERMILER ON THIS BOARD!"
    Shame on you. Wayne would never condone such speeding as you just admitted to.
    As for fast moving Schneider trucks, Remember, I said every major carrier out there has an owner operator division with guys who own their own trucks who do as they please.

    I've already explained the relationship between cost and revenue. No need to rehash.

    The dangerous 50 MPH zone is 3 miles from our terminal. Those of us with any sense have been slowing down through there long before that advisory was posted and the speed limit dropped. 45 is my usual speed through there, although I might go slower if traffic is heavy.
    As for cities with lower speed limits, Atlanta GA, Houston TX, Laurel MS, and Dallas TX all come to mind. I go a couple of miles per hour BELOW the posted speed limits in those towns too.

    You are correct. I DO NOT understand DWL because the glossery entry for that acronym is blank except for driving with load. I have no idea what it means. I drive with a load pretty much everywhere I go . Unloaded miles don't produce revenue :D As for the standard industry practice, how do you think it got to be the standard industry practice in the first place? That practice was adopted because it proved to be the most efficiant use of resourses to produce transportation services. For the last 20 years since deregulation trucking companies have been operating on a 3% to 5% profit margin. It all goes back to that cost vs. revenue calculation. Thats how J.B Hunt and the other giants of the industry got so big so fast. They pioneered the current standard practice and out preformed every other outfit on the road with 62MPH governed trucks.
    As for "saving someones life," unless you cound the time I was strapping down a load of shingles and tripped on a strap and fell off the truck nobody has ever been seriously injured, let alone killed in all these years of me driving trucks.

    It this point I'm actually surprised to hear that you think ANYONE in the trucking business deserves any thanks at all for anything. In point of fact, Our company is doing very well in the current environment. All the small fry companies are imploding and our company is reaping the benefits of reduced compitition that has allowed us to raise rates. Our efficiant operation as compared to other carriers coupled with a corporate strategy of low debt has us positioned very nicely.
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    I don't need to take a ride with you. Chicago is INSANE. Every few months I get roped into going up there. I'd rather have root canal without novicane. The dangerous highway in Birmingham you mentioned is no worse than any given section of I-94 through Chicago. Luckily the places I usually go in Chicago whan I have to go are down off 161st and Torrence down on the Southeast corner. It's still horrible. The idea of any politeness or courtesy is laughable. In that mess I tend to roll 45 or 50 at most and nervious as a cat because any freak might do the most absurd thing at any moment. I will try to stich to the surface streets as much as possible in the areas where it's not too congested. It's nearly impossible to maintain a good following distance inside Chicago. Even if a big truck is going 10 MPH BELOW the posted speed cars and even other trucks will pass, cut in right in front and slam on the brakes to exit. It's hair raising, but the only way to prevent that is to run as fast as everyone else is. That's not acceptable either. In Chicago I see the lesser of the two evils to be going slower than everyone else and being ready on the brakes. Some people seem to have no idea that they could be hurt or killed doing that. I personally would be happy enough to support a 40 MPH speed limit on all the Chicago highways if I lived there to try to cut down on the insanity.
    I am lucky in that the overwhelming majority of the miles I run are on wide open rural interstate. I was offered a very well paying job doing Chicago local delivery once. I turned it down. Only New York city and some parts of Boston are worse
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    'Chicago is INSANE' yup I fully agree with that statement... ditto on the New York City... its nerve racking enough in a car, I'd hate to drive even a smallish straight truck (like an F700 or similar) there, let alone a semi. I do have to say that the taxi drivers in NYC are nuttier than the ones in Chicago... the clearances and speeds that those bozos drive at are really stupid.
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    Glad to see everyone has shook hands and made up. Lifes too short. The morons out there who tailgate all the time wont even read this, and will still be doing it tomorrow and next year. I think everyone heres coming from a good place, and like me, doesnt always go about it the right way. I hate tailgaters too. I really do. Its like someone talking real close to your face. Its about personal space and respect. Thing is, friends can hug....I would let a friend tailgate me no problem. Herein lies the problem...
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    Hi BackOffMyTruck,

    Welcome to CleanMPG. It's good to see a responsible professional driver, and I agree that it's the good ones that generally go unnoticed.

    From your posts, you do seem to be one of the 'good' ones, and I can understand why you wouldn't want to be lumped in with the careless professional drivers that frequent our roads. Wayne is responding to your somewhat direct approach to the safety issues with regards to trucking. There have been countless threads about the unsafe conditions that semis have put our members in, so when a semi driver comes to the site and implies that we are a menace to them, it understandably ruffles some feathers (you have to look at it from our perspective).

    That being said, I think that the points you made about surf drafting are completely legit and may warrant an update to the article, however the (somewhat indelicate) way you approached this matter may have ruined the chances of that. Although very few members (none that I know of) employ continued surf drafting (purposefully matching someones speed in an adjacent lane), the article doesn't really make it clear what we do/don't endorse. You have to understand that it's impossible to foresee every misconceived idea that we do not endorse, and plaster them all over the site - but your concerns are appreciated and warrant consideration.

    Hopefully the conversation will steer in a more constructive direction, since I believe it to be rather important (especially if AAA catches on that we may support 'Truck Blocking' :eek:).

    For your information, DWL (Driving with Load) is defined in the "Beating the EPA" article in my signature. This is the same article that has the pictures of the "no-zone". It is a good read and will explain some of the terms and methods we use.

    On that note, what techniques do you use in your semi? What kind of mileage do you get? Have you seen improvements with certain techniques? Are you going to try any new techniques?

    We're all interested in what is possible with you truck, and can help you even more with your personal vehicle! :)

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    Hi BackOffMyTruck:
    Fatality Facts 2006 - Large trucks

    ___How can you possibly defend almost 2 football fields of stopping distance with a perfectly working truck as std. business practice let alone the 5 mpg averages most of the industry receives while barreling down the road at those speeds? All it takes is a simple slowing down given over 10% of all fatalities on the roads have something to do with big rigs yet the industry as a whole is only responsible for 7% of the total vehicle miles traveled. Your time sure is more important than everyone else’s :rolleyes:
    ___You said 5 to 6 an hour. Now its truthfully? And how is it a problem with Hypermiler’s as you are scurrying along passing them at 63 mph? Thanks for the free gift when YOU pass but there is the problem. You should not be passing anyone to begin with given those stopping distances!
    ___Above it is 63 mph and now it is lower than 63 mph because you drive in the Southeast.
    ___Now we have unintended consequences … My bike, car, truck gets better fuel economy and lower emissions at 63 mph than 55 mph. At 63 mph, do you really average 600 miles in a 10 hour day? One pee stop and that average is thrown out the window. The trucking industry is losing 4,000 + trucks a month even after they are slowing down due to conditions and your argument to maintain the status quo and consuming fuel at the current unsustainable rate does not hold up due to the goods still arriving at business’ doors. Explain the unintended consequences in the real world?
    ___113 miles to Madison and 2.4 hours travel time led me to push a maximum 62 to 63 mph in the 65 mph zones between Milwaukee and Madison. A 47 mph average speed and 95% Interstate. Let me here about your 600 mile days while traveling at 63 mph again?
    ___Except you have forgot one thing. In the last three years, diesel fuel costs have tripled and you are sitting in the paradigm shift without a clue as to how you are going to adapt. UPS and WalMart’s own have (even with WalMart’s questionable load receiving practices) and they are possibly the two most efficient truck fleets on the planet. You are whistling past the graveyard and you simply do not know it yet.
    ___If it takes me almost 600’ to haul my big rig down from 63 mph, I would be thanking my lucky stars each and every day I have never encountered a problem.
    ___There is at least one positive for your 6 mpg rig at least.

    ___Since you have found that we are not the ones tailgating you but you may be tailgating us and you are still condoning your 63 mph speeds which is not only unsafe but does not save fuel to the extent you could, what are you promoting? That truck drivers are safer drivers? That most truck drivers follow the speed limits? That you are one of the few that follow the speed limits let alone try to save fuel? As stated early on, I only know of one driver that has followed the speed limits into and out of parts of the Chicago corridor and IIRC, he pulled almost 7 mpg in mid-winter on that run. God bless those that are doing their part but 63 mph speeds down the Interstate are not doing anything but throwing it a way a little slower than those doing 70. Drive 55, the life you save may be your own. But will more than likely be one of us… I hope?

    ___Good Luck

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  20. hobbit

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    Yeah, guys, take a PILL already. Let's move forward.
    I for one *WANT* to see more pro/semipro truckers jump into
    CleanMPG, because traffic conduct and fuel economy are so
    integrally wrapped up in their lives too AND they've got more
    miles under their belts than many of us put together. This is
    why I've been poking around on various trucker forums lately,
    just to see what's up on their side. As with any segment of
    society, you get an entire cross-section of people.
    Here's another beatiful opportunity to interact constructively
    with the trucking industry [kngkeith is another one], and I
    don't want to see anyone taking it as a chance to whack the
    entire logistics industry upside the head for a few offenders.
    C'mon, lay off with that crap.
    BackOff, I think you'll be pleased to find that *most* of the
    participants in this forum will be the ones trying to be FAR
    AWAY from your rig in any direction, except for the few needed
    close proximity events like passing. Read my description from
    yesterday's trip log about following a Swiftie at 55-57 mph
    for THREE HOURS, for example -- it was fun, it was an interesting
    exercise, and even though I was probably getting no aerodynamic
    help it probably saved this tank average from the sub-fifties
    where I'm usually pulling 60+ MPG on the interstates. So take
    Swift as an example -- plenty of cowboys in their sector alone,
    and then I find that excellent counterexample. Today I intend
    to call in with a commendation and an *explanation* of what I
    was doing they can forward to the driver, because having a car
    not only stay that far back but also field the rear-guard must
    have been one of the most unusual runs he/she ever had.
    I think I read in one of the forums that some Swift depots have
    limited the ECUs down to 57 mph, but most companies doing it
    are still around 63. Clamping the speeds *is* saving them
    fuel, but it's a balance between that and delivery time. Why
    do I know this? Because I dug in and did the research by seeing
    what's being said in the field.
    Bottom line, we should all be working out a way that drivers
    on the road can communicate and ask for their space. See my
    hack proposal for one idea. Heck, when a truck is just going
    by me I can't even see up high enough into the cab to get eye
    contact, so there's a definite extra barrier there that needs
    to be broken. I do know that the 4-way flick helps jog the
    drivers into passing earlier, and sometimes even just swinging
    my head into the side mirror when the sun is at the right angle
    lets them know that I'm aware of them behind and that seems
    to prompt a situation reassessment right there. But in a lot
    of cases it's not enough, and it's that lack of a way to really
    communicate that's causing a lot of the frustration. Attack
    the problem, not the second-order symptom. Guys like BackOff
    can help build that bridge, and I would like to thank him for
    being here [and putting up with some of us].

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