4X4 Transfer case during FAS

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  1. What have you 4X4 drivers been doing with the 4WD transfer case during FAS?

    I'm about to get serious with my wife's Xterra 4wd. I"ve gotten 27mpg with it without FAS. I did a little research before trying anything extreme.

    I'm concerned about the FAS with a 4wd. When you start a FAS I place my manual trans in neural kill the ICE go to ACC and glide....bumpstart then repeat process as allowed. My xterra has 4wd gear selector has 2wd-4High-N-4low The neutral selection is what has me worried. It would be very cumbersome to have to do the normal FAS plus a 4wd shift to N.

    Any thoughts on this?

    Is it possible that the shift on the 4wd transfer case isn't required unless your longdistance towing or something?

    My xterra is a Gen1 where the Gen2 xterra had push button 4wd. Gen1 is classic style you actually have to put it in gear.

    It would seem that the 4wd transfer case would always be in neutral so why does it have a 2wd setting? I know that if you put the 4wd in N the whole truck is in N.

    Any thoughts or concerns from anyone with more knowledge of transmissions than me?

    I've FAS the xterra on several occassions with no problems. I"m about to start doing it very regular when forced to drive it.

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    I FAS with my Wrangler all the time and I'm in the same boat as you. It has a MT though, so that could change things if yours is an AT.

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