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    Filled my tank Thursday and I'm averaging 25 mpg which is 5 mpg above the original EPA rating of 20 mpg. That's with my tires not inflated to max sidewall due to ride comfort for my wife's back condition. However, I blew my mpg for this tank yesterday when I discovered my refrigerator wasn't working right. Found the fan inside the freezer was not running. Raced to the appliance parts store before they closed for the weekend only to discover they didn't have the part in stock but could order it and have it ready by Monday or Tuesday for an additional fee for ordering. Hopefully it's just the fan motor and not some relay hidden inside somewhere cause then I'd need some professional help. Turning the refrigerator thermostat to it's coldest setting gets the freezer at or below zero but keeps the fridge section around 40 degrees which is still in the food safe range. We may get an ice chest from my folks just in case. I'm NOT looking forward to my next electric bill cause that compressor is practically running nonstop. Naturally, the damn thing's warranty only recently expired.
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    20% above EPA is great, especially the old standards. Bummer on the fridge, it would cost a fortune to replace the goods I have in mine. That why I bought a used small fridge for the garage, so I have a back-up. Your food should be okay still.
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    25% increase actually. and that is very good!
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    Uh, my bad! :eek:
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    I had a refrigerator fan stop working. I dug a little deeper and found that stuffing too much frozen foods around the freezer, had broken off some plastic cooling fins which then fell into the fan blades, stopping the fan.

    By bringing the freezer up to a warmer temperature, and thawing everything out, I was able to use super glue to put everything back where it belonged. That was a number of years ago. The repairs have held.

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